Woman to Woman

Most of us recently celebrated Valentine’s Day,  a day that you either love or you hate there is no in between. Valentine’s Day is a man-made holiday predicated by the retail industry to make money and lead people to believe they are not loved if they don’t share the day with someone special. (It’s a load of crap if you ask me, but then again I have not celebrated the day in over five years.) Immediately following Valentine’s Day on February 15th you have what some call, “side chic appreciation day” (some more bullshit that I’m 95% sure was created in the African-American community by some bitter betty). Side chic appreciation day is self-explanatory, it is the day following Valentine’s Day where men (or women) can show appreciation to their side piece of whom they likely ignored on the previous day while spending time with their “main”. My question is, when did it become so socially and or morally acceptable for women (I can only speak from the stand point of a woman considering) to accept the fact that their man is cheating on them? When did infidelity become so common? Seeing all the posts and comments about side chics made me pull out the blues collection, the old school songs that are comical now but speak volumes of truth. Continue reading