Love in the Fast Lane~ How Fast is Too Fast in a Relationship?

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So you’ve just met your new beau and you’re on Cloud 10. You can’t go a day without each other, you talk about getting married one day, and even joke about how your future kids would look. The only problem is its only been a month and what do you really know about this person? Sure things are great now but what’s to say that it wont change 6 months from now?dont rush And moving in with your new beau after a month isn’t really the ideal situation. Besides you probably haven’t had an argument yet and if you have.. that’s a whole nother topic. And what are you arguing about a month in? Hmm…I know a couple that dated and two weeks later the girl was pregnant. Two weeks after that the guy was gone and 8 months later she was raising a child by herself. I’m sure they were probably into each other just as much as the next couple. But just as soon as responsibility hit, he was gone. Now on the other hand, another couple moved in after 3 months together (yep the girl was pregnant). They bought a house together and are still together to this day. So you see, time doesn’t really play a factor in how things are going to go down but I’m sure it helps to know you are in a solid relationship. If you are really in love, why not wait until your relationship is stable to make drastic changes? You can put a lot of pressure on a relationship by rushing things too soon. khloeYou shouldn’t have to worry about what kind of formula your baby is going to drink 3 months in.

 You also shouldn’t have to discuss who is going to pay what every month after moving in together. The most you need to worry about is where you’re gonna have dinner that night and what movie you are going to watch. And if one person in the relationship is moving at a pace you don’t necessarily agree with. You can tell that person (without hurting feelings) that things are going to fast for you. It’s ok to be honest about your feelings and if they get mad or not respect how you feel, then maybe he/she is not the one for you. Sometimes it easy to get smothered and its okay to take some time out for yourself. Space is always good. Also, don’t act on first impulses. You don’t have to call your new boo every hour on the hour and declare your undying love for him. I’m sure he already knows. Just slow down and enjoy smelling the roses.

Now on to that three letter word: I Love You. Do you really love her or are you just in love with the idea of saying it. Are people truly able to love someone after 7 days? I’m not saying its impossible but at the same time you should really give your feelings time to develop and only say those 3 magic words when you really mean it.


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