Sleeping with the Enemy (copyright 2016)


A personal note from the author:

 I’ll admit, I have started and stopped putting pen to paper many times when it comes to this book out of fear. Fear that once I have opened Pandora’s Box there will be no turning back. All of [my] our deepest, darkest most intimate secrets will be on display for all to see. But you see, the problem with keeping secrets is eventually they begin to eat away at you leaving behind nothing but a pile of secrets and lies. So that when you are dead and gone your tombstone will read “Here lies Harlem, a pile of bones, lies and secrets she kept.” So before that happens, this is my story, our story. A collection and series of events that would intertwine the lives of several people who otherwise never would have crossed paths. These are our truths.

*This is just the preempt to “Sleeping with the Enemy” Simply a glimpse into what is to come. Any resemblance to those persons living or deceased are strictly coincidental*



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