The Tattooed Admin (the new age secretary)

“An office can work without but the boss, but not without the secretary.”~Jane Fonda

In this day and age women in the administrative profession cringe at the thought of being referred to as a “secretary.” The politically correct term is and has been for quite some time “administrative professional”, but despite the title the responsibilities remain the same. As I was sitting in the airport this morning waiting to board my 6th flight in less than two months I came to the startling realization that as an Executive Administrative Professional I am the one that makes the machine run. But it was also in that same moment [as I was snapping selfies] that I realized I don’t look like my earlier counterparts.[You know kind of like Jane Fonda in the movie Nine to Five] Nothing about me reads “secretary” not my hair, my style of dress [which actually has more of a “I run this show” kind of vibe] and definitely not my fifteen [give or take one or two] tattoos.

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