Pimps Up

About four months ago I ordered a book from Amazon, it was a book that was on my “because you bought” list. Having been fascinated with the  dark underworld of pimps I quickly added “Pimp” by the infamous writer Iceberg Slim. His first publication and autobiography , I was more than excited when this book arrived just a few short days later. It has never been uncommon for me to be reading two or three books at once, however this was one book that had all of my attention. It took me less than three days to finish this fascinating true story of the former pimp, Robert Beck. His way of story telling captured me and made my fascination that much more intense. (I don’t plan on becoming a pimp) This was the first book of many written by Iceberg Slim, of which according to the original publishing house have sold millions upon millions of copies in over eight different languages. resize-iceberg-slim-coverWritings so great that you can feel the pain of his heart when he describes his mother’s death or hear the coldness innhis voice as he describes using a wire hanger as a whip. While Slim was a former pimp and a junkie he was and always will be considered a pioneer in the African-American literary genre’. No less and if not more than Donal Goines and Odie Hawkins. It is within the pages of the book “Pimp” that a lot of life’s questions can be answered. Like all things that peak my interest I began researching the life of Beck, the genius behind the words and the stories. The man that offered a look into the deep underworld of pimping. Continue reading