Liquid Frosting X Brendolyn Marie

I had the opportunity to sit down with to talk about my vegan nail polish line Liquid Frosting Nail Color as well as to talk a little bit more about myself ; kind of tell my story. Here it is…

Shout out to Jasmine for these amazing photos and this awesome interview!! You rock girlfriend!




To any and everyone who is reading this I ask that you take five seconds of your time to visit the link above and vote for Liquid Frosting Nail Color. The independent nail polish brand has entered into a contest with Wells Fargo that could afford them an opportunity to win $25,000.00 in a small business grant!! It literally takes five seconds to click vote!! 

Liquid Frosting Nail Polish

“The color of someone’s skin doesn’ t tell you nearly as much about them as the color of their nail polish.”

522933_1381806665_7795For the last two years I have worked tirelessly on launching a line of custom nail colors. What woman doesn’t love nail polish? Days, weeks and months spent with a chemist perfecting formulas and colors have finally paid off! It is without further adieu that I present Liquid Frosting Nail Color by B. Marie, a line of 3-free polishes made to accessorize any wardrobe. 

*$1.00 from each polish sold goes to helping children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.*

The line will officially launch in December 2013, however the website is live and ready for pre-orders! For more information email inquiries can be sent to

Liquid Frosting Nail Color Official Website

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Remember, “A woman is only helpless while her nails are drying.”