The Color of Love

paula and robin

“I really do think that all of us are beautiful when we’re happy and in love.” ~Paula Patton

One of my favorite Hollywood couples is the beautiful actress Paula Patton and the ever so handsome song bird Robin Thicke. Without pointing out the obvious, she is African-American and he is Caucasian, none the less they are a beautiful couple. On the flip side you have another one of my favorite couples, actor Nick Cannon and songstress Mariah Carey. Again, without pointing out the obvious Nick is African-American and although she looks the part and classifies herself to be of the Caucasian persuasion Mariah is bi-racial. (Her mother is Irish and her father Afro-Venezuelan aka African-American) Because of this fact some will argue that this is not considered an interracial marriage, however since she identifies herself as white it is. Like these famous couples, everyday people encounter criticism for choosing to marry outside their race. The fact that people are still so closed-minded when it comes to color in 2013 baffles me, have we not grown to realize that love bears no color?
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Throwback Thursday

mariah-carey-vision-of-love_thelavalizardOne of the most talented voices of all time next to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey in her prime was unlike any other artist. “Vision of Love” is a pure classic from Mariah. By far my favorite song by Nick’s Wife.