~Marry Me~ Music Review

I had never heard of Rasheeda until I started watching this season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. I instantly became a Rasheeda fan, I guess being in the industry as long as she has as an underground artist she knows how to play the game and that’s something very respectable. We saw her filming a portion of her video for her new single “Marry Me”  from her latest mixtape “Boss Bitch Music Vol 3”, but never really heard the song or saw the video. So I took to YouTube and found the song and the video, not a fan of the video which is rather low-budget but the song is my jam. I can’t front on “Auntie Rasheeda” this song is catchy. There is a remixed version of the song that features Toya Wright that I feel shouldn’t have been released for any reason. Check out the official video www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEDx5EFdkvg