The Perfect Hair…

“I will never to be the woman with perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it, and chair committees and write thank you notes. And I can’t feel bad about that. ” ~Carrie Bradshaw

Probably one of my favorite quotes, and I have a lot of favorite quotes. But this quote is for every woman who finds herself feeling inferior to another woman. Comparisons are odious, why waste time comparing yourself to another? Focus on self and being the best you there is. Be in love with the person in the mirror.

The Phenomenal Woman

News has just broke of the passing of the great author and poet Maya Angelou this morning at her Winston-Salem home. A St. Louis native, Angelou was a true treasure and pioneer who was instrumental in the civil rights of African-Americans. So many great words come to mind when I think of Maya Angelou, but it is the words in this poem that resignate loudly.

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The Waiting Game

They say patience is a virtue, which means this is something that is moral and righteous. In a way it makes you more Christ like. They also say that all good things comes to those who wait. Is this really something that we believe or have we been conditioned to do so? There are things that you wait for, such as; a bus, your turn in line at the grocery store or the second coming of Christ. These are events and things that are sure to happen. How much of our lives are spent waiting? (Don’t worry I’ll wait). It is a sure thing that eventually it will be your turn to checkout at Schnucks, you can bet your life that Christ is going to return for his people and you best believe that a Metro bus will be rolling down the street within the next fifteen minutes. Nobody said that you aren’t going to grow impatient while waiting for these things to occur. That is only human nature and is to be expected. Now there are certain events that I wouldn’t advise you spend time checking your watch on, these things included but are not limited to; a cure for AIDS being discovered, a man to leave his wife and or significant other for you, the side piece, I wouldn’t advise waiting for a woman to be dressed on time. Waiting for the previous things is merely a waste of time you could have spent doing something else. Waiting
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