Identity Theft-A Random Rant

~Identity theft, also known as ID theft is a crime in which a criminal obtains key pieces of personal information, such as Social Security or driver’s license numbers, in order to pose as someone else. The information can be used to obtain credit, merchandise, and services using the victims’ name. Identity theft can also provide a thief with false credentials for immigration or other applications. One of the biggest problems with identity theft is that very often the crimes committed by the identity theft expert are often attributed to the victim.~

Identity theft is common among today’s society and there are more and more cases being reported daily of someone using another’s social security number or credit cards. However, there are cases of identity theft more serious than a stolen social security card, it’s worse than someone getting a car in your name and not paying for it. This type of identity theft is never reported and if it were there would be nothing authorities could do about it. I personally have been a victim of this particular form of identity theft along with millions of other women, and in almost all cases it is our own faults that we fall victim. Some women are victims and don’t realize it, so let me help you identify that you have in fact had your identity stolen. If you walk into a room full of children and they say; ” Hi *insert child’s name here*’s mama” or if you are out grocery shopping alone and someone walks up to you and says, “Hey girl, I’m surprised to see you without *insert child’s name here* where are they?” you have in fact had your identity stolen.

When you make the choice to give life, you are making the choice to no longer have one of your own for at least the next eighteen years and even then you’ll still only have a part-time life. Some women will argue that even though they are mothers they still have a life separate from “being a mother”. I personally, beg to differ, I have lost count of the numerous amounts of times that I have been out in a club or a bar and been asked, “Hey B, where is Laethan?” Really? What are you expecting me say? “Oh, he’s parking the car” or “Girl he’s at the bar getting a drink?” Once you become a mother any and everything that you do, you do with your child in mind even if it’s in the back of your mind, your child is still a factor in the life choices you make. Something as simple as what you wear when you drop them off at school or what you have on when you meet them at the bus stop to pictures you post on social networks can have an ever lasting effect on the life of your child, people could careless how you portray yourself, but will persecute you for years to come if you do anything that could be potentially damaging to the welfare, both physical and mental to your child or children. There have been numerous accounts where a picture has surfaced on Twitter where a mother is a compromising position and her child is in view. (i.e, a naked bathroom picture with the child standing in the background looking). That’s not sexy that’s bad parenting, and any woman who does such a thing needs to realize that their child is the one who will suffer such behavior. I have a bathroom picture where I am fully clothed and clowning around with my son brushing his teeth in the shot and had my parenting questioned as if I was unaware he was in the frame. When in reality I knew he was there and he told me to take the picture, everything I do,I do with him in mind.

 Anyone who has a child that is anything like mine can attest to the fact that losing your identity to only find a new one as “your child’s mother” is far from a bad thing. I love how people ask about my son before asking about me, I honestly believe that he is more well-known in St. Louis than I am. So when I walk into a room full of children or into his school and teachers and children can only remember me as “Laethan’ s Mama.” I am all good, cause I wouldn’t want to lose my identity to anyone other than him.