The Lost Decade

10 years is a long time, a lot can happen, people grow older, get married, have children and ultimately change. 10 years ago on June 3, 2003 I crossed over into “adulthood”, I graduated from high school and was ready to venture out into the world on my own. (Well not really, a year prior to graduation I’d enlisted into the Army) Never the less I had completed one of the most crucial stages of my life was ready to begin another.

Fast forward to present day, 10 years later, where has the time gone? Is it really time for my senior class’ 10 year reunion? It seemed as if just yesterday I was in the “hub” of my high school shooting the breeze with my friends. I began to recollect the last 10 years and memories on top of memories flooded the banks of my mind. For nearly nine of those I have been a mother (that’s a given). For four of them I was a soldier, by far those four years were some of the most dramatic of the 10 years I must admit.
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