Play Into The Crazy

*disclaimer: this video has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post but Deion in his prime was one of my favorites. Enjoy! *

Growing up, I was the tomboy but not the jock. Does that make sense? I loved to rough house and climb trees but I hated sports. The only thing the gym teacher could get me to participate in was kickball. Like most girls when I got to high school I became interested in football. (Well the players anyway) I managed my (first) high school’s team my sophomore year until I became so distracted by other things(boys) I had to tell the coach I’d rather just watch. When I found out I was going to have a son I was elated! Girls are good but little boys are great! I don’t do ribbons and dresses with lace, I prefer haircuts and Nikes. I knew how rough I was a child so I prepared myself for the roughness of parenting a boy child.
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