Sleeping with the Enemy (copyright 2016)


A personal note from the author:

 I’ll admit, I have started and stopped putting pen to paper many times when it comes to this book out of fear. Fear that once I have opened Pandora’s Box there will be no turning back. All of [my] our deepest, darkest most intimate secrets will be on display for all to see. But you see, the problem with keeping secrets is eventually they begin to eat away at you leaving behind nothing but a pile of secrets and lies. So that when you are dead and gone your tombstone will read “Here lies Harlem, a pile of bones, lies and secrets she kept.” So before that happens, this is my story, our story. A collection and series of events that would intertwine the lives of several people who otherwise never would have crossed paths. These are our truths.

*This is just the preempt to “Sleeping with the Enemy” Simply a glimpse into what is to come. Any resemblance to those persons living or deceased are strictly coincidental*



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Confessions of a Cheater~ Just Like Eve

The truth that survives is simply the lie that is pleasantest to believe.  —  H. L. Mencken

I’ve heard the best love is forbidden love, a love that you know is no good for you, a love that makes you feel so high one moment and lower than low the next. There is nothing more intoxicating than a forbidden love, a love you can’t tell even your closest friends about, a love that you hate to admit to yourself exists. Yeah, there is nothing at all like a forbidden love. So many times we hear the stories of men who are unfaithful, the stories of men having a mistress or a side chick. The stories of women finding out their man has taken a bite of the forbidden fruit that is infidelity. What about women? Are women not capable of being unfaithful? The truth of it is, women are capable and very guilty of being unfaithful, the difference between men and women is that we have less of a tendency to be sloppy and get caught. If you don’t mind I’d like to take you into the mind of a cheater.

“Monogamy or whatever you call it, I’m starting to think it ain’t for everybody.Most of us rushing into it anyways.” ~Wale “Bad”

There are very few people who enter into a relationship with the intent to cheat. The point of committing is to be monogamous, however for some monogamy has become ancient history or urban legend. The tradition of true commitment is antiquated and a thing of times gone past for some. I ask the question, what is the point of making a committment to a relationship if you are going to cheat? If that person doesn’t have all the qualities it takes to please you then why get involved? Valid questions with no simple answers. In the beginning a person could have everything you believe you want and need in a mate, but as days becomes weeks and weeks turn to months things begin to change and you question your choice. The man who once looked so good to you, isn’t all that anymore, you start to notice the small things you didn’t notice before during courtship. He no longer opens doors, he holds you differently, the way he brushes his teeth or leaves his shoes and basketball shorts in the middle of the floor start to slowly irk you. Once one thing begins to bother you everything they do becomes a problem. You begin to question the choice you made to sign an unwritten contract with this person, but you have committed so you stay. It doesn’t take long before you dread going home and being within five feet of the man you once couldn’t stand to be apart from. Once you have reached the point of aggravation it won’t be long before you are easily tempted.  
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