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Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means? Spring Cleaning!!! Not only will you need to wash your windows and shine your floors, but you will also need to focus on cleaning up that fantastic wardrobe of yours. Of course ChicStylez, LLC offers a Closet Review service but if you think you can take on the challenge all alone, have at it. Here are a few tips to get started;

Edit your closet often

Merchandise your clothes-arrange items in your closet by category

Keep your shoes visible

Organize handbags by color

Do not double hang items

Invest in decent hangers- NO WIRE HANGERS *insert Mommy Dearest here*

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*Sidenote: Mine is scheduled for this Sunday, March 2, 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited. I have put a hold on purchasing new clothing until my review is done! Pictures of my closet review coming soon!!!

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Just for the sake of it:

“A Girl’s Night Out” *EVENT ALERT*

“Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.” 
Dorothy Parker 

Ladies..if you are in the St. Louis or surrounding areas this is on event you won’t want to miss! Join myself and Chic Stylez, LLC (one of St. Louis’ premiere fashion stylists) as we celebrate the official launch of Liquid Frosting Nail Color and the birthday of a very special lady. There will be free food and drinks, complimentary facials and manicures as well a sneak peek the exclusive Harlem Nights Collection of Liquid Frosting Nail Color.

For more information of for tickets go to LiquidFrosting.com or click here to purchase from EventBrite.com. Hope to see you ladies soon!



Out With Old…In With the New

You should always have a plan when you are setting out on shopping trip. I am not a huge fan of lists but it is helpful to know what you have and what you need before making purchases.

In order to figure out what to put on the list you will need to go through your current wardrobe and eliminate a few things. This will provide you with a better idea of what you need to purchase and you may be able to make a few dollars in the process. While sorting through your closet, ask yourself the following questions;


Do I have 15 of these?
Unless you have to wear a uniform to work, you don’t necessarily need 15 pair of black pants. Keep the best looking and or fitting pair, take the others to a consignment shop to sell or donate them to a friend or thrift store.
Does it fit?
We all hold on to pieces that we just know we will fit again….If it doesn’t fit properly, let them go!
Does this piece work for my real life?
We have all been shopping and come across an item that we just had to have because one day we WILL attend a ball and the price on a gown is just too good to leave. It’s been 3 years since said purchase, and you haven’t even been INVITED to a ball let alone thought about attending one since the purchase, it has to go.
After you have gathered everything together and made your list, take those items to Plato’s Closet or Avalon Exchange. These are local buy and sell places here in St. Louis but they have similar exchange depots all over.


And if all of this sounds like it’s just too much for you to wrap your brain around, you can always hire me! Contact me at chicstylezllc@gmail.com for a list of pricing and services.


You can also check out Chic Stylez, LLC at http://www.chicstylezllc.com and ChicStylezBlog on Instagram.

Penny Pincher

If anybody knows the value of a dollar it’s me. I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m cheap, I prefer the term frugal or money conscious. I recently decided to do a wardrobe overhaul, to work on changing my image. It is no secret I am not exactly the fashionista (give me my favorite jeans and a T-shirt and I’m happy) but I pride myself on having style. With that being said I decided to enlist the help of my friend who is the owner of Chic Stylez, LLC. Like myself she is very money conscious, but unlike me she has a keen eye for true fashion. (I will provide her contact information) I received a text from her last weekend asking if I wanted to go to the mall, JCP was having an extra 25% off sale. Ummm Yes! Who doesn’t love a sale? So without further delay we headed to the mall and as we always did we set a budget. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck in JCP so we continued on our shopping expedition. We ducked in and out of stores looking for some hot fashion friendly items, it wasn’t until we dropped in H&M that we found some great buys.
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