Wayback Wednesday~Movie Edition

Directed by James Bond III, “Def by Temptaion”, 1990 stars Kadeem Hardison (best known in his role as A Different World’s Dwayne Wayne), Samuel L. Jackson, Bill Nunn (Radio Raheem Do the Right Thing) and Cynthia Bond. One of the first movies to be released of it’s kind, this horror film explores the supernatural, religion and sexual temptation. Joel is on the path to completing his studies to become a minister is targeted by the beautiful man eating succubus. A woman who targets men who cheat on their spouses.

” Def By Temptation showcases the brightest young black cast and crew in a thoughtfully frightening horror extravaganza.”

I took a trip down memory lane by watching this thriller this week in honor of Halloween. The movie in all it’s parts can be viewed on Youtube.