An Ode to Sister Jude…


Lange in her Emmy winning role as the murderous Constance in season one of American Horror Story

During a trip to California earlier this year I had the opportunity to sit and watch the full first season of the FX show “American Horror Story”  anthology on Netflix. From episode one I was hooked, while the storyline of the show is great it was Oscar-winning actress Jessica Lange’s performance as Constance Langdon (which she won an Emmy for) that truly peaked my interest in the show. The show is now in its third season “American Horror Story..Coven”  While each season has a different theme the actors are generally all the same, including Lange who undoubtedly has reinvented herself through the series. american_horror_story_ver4_xlg1This is my nod to a Hollywood Icon, Jessica Lange. (and the American Horror Story anthology)
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