The Meeting…

An excerpt from Chapter II of “Sleeping With the Enemy”

Before I could clear those thoughts out of my head my assistant stepped into my office abruptly as if she and the building were on fire. “Monica! What is it?” “Um, I am so sorry Ms. Outlaw but Nia McKaye is here to see you. I told her you weren’t accepting preempted meetings today but she insists that you’ll want to see her.”

I sat back in my chair and thought for a moment, I hadn’t seen Nia since I ignored her like a bum begging for change that day I outside the cafe, I really was in no state of mind nor was I ready to deal with her bullshit but fuck it! “Send her in Monica.” “Demi, do not let this girl get you out of character. She’s a low class gutter rat, remember that. Every action doesn’t deserve a reaction.” I had to talk to myself because if I know Nia like I think I know Nia she thrives off negativity and the energy brought about from being negative. Drama was her fuel but she wasn’t going to get that from me, while she was a problem she wasn’t my problem. The door to my office flung open and she-devil darkened the archway.

“Demi Karrine Outlaw, it’s been a long time. I hope you don’t mind my stopping by so abrublty but  I was in the neighborhood shopping for nursery décor and figured the two of us were long overdue for a chat.” Her use of words such as abruptly and chat made me giggle. But I’d learn how to play poker a long time ago and had being do so for quite some time. I was due for a game of bid wiz with my fiance’s pregnant mistress, because clearly she wasn’t on my level and playing poker with her would be an insult. I sat behind my desk silent analyzing her from top to bottom. From the diamond dust earrings in her eat to the scuffed toes of her last season Stewart Weitzman’s and everything in between. She was a cheap knock off attempting to portray something greater. “Mrs. McKaye, it is Mrs. right? If I’m not mistaken you are married, correct? Please do have a seat and tell me to what I owe this grand pleasure of your gracing me with your presence?” Just as her lips began to form what I was sure was some bullshit my cell phone rang, it was Bishop. Throwing my finger in the air I proceeded to answer “Excuse me one moment I must take this.”

-To be continued…..

Sleeping With the Enemy, Copyright 2016, ALL RIGHTS RESEVERED NEVERDATEAWRITER.COM

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