Questions that need answers… Disney Edition..

Being the Disney fan that I am, I thought this was pretty cool when I saw it. Just thought I’d share, something light and fun on this Tuesday morning. “24 Questions Disney Left Unaswered” Enjoy….

The following link will take you to Disney’s land of unanswered questions..


My cornerstone class in college was on film, and one of the most interesting things taught was in regards to the subliminal messages in Disney films, here is a clip showcasing said messages. Happy Tuesday!!


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“The Naked Truth”

Truth: conformity with fact or reality, verity; a verifiable or indisputable fact.

Fairytales, fantasies and fallacies, it seems these are three things most are comfortable with these days. I’ll be the first to admit that for a long time I lived in a fantasy world, one where everything was perfect and happily ever after was the inevitable. That was me being an idealist, a dreamer and a girl who believed in the storylines of Walt Disney movies. (What little girl didn’t want a Cinderella life?) As I got older I found that my way of thinking was damaging and that being a realist (as boring as it sounded) was more realistic for a woman who was a mother. To a certain extent, no matter how much we deny it we all live in some sort of fantasy world where only the things you want to exist do.

Fairytale: an interesting yet highly implausible story, often told as an excuse

Why people put on epic biopic about their lives I have no clue. Who are you trying to impress by misleading a group of people who are doing the same thing? Unfortunately we live in a society where social networks have taken the place of human contact. In the cyber world (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) you can be whomever you please. You can live a life so carefree and fancy all day everyday with no problem and people will believe you. (After all you can’t post anything on the internet that isn’t true right? RIGHT!) You can go on Instagram and post pictures so spectacular and alluring that those who don’t know you will hang on your every word and be so covetous of what you have they will unknowingly re-evaluate their own lives. Hence the cycle begins, a plethora of people pretending to be something they are not. On the contrary there always is and always will be someone who knows the real you, so you run the risk of being exposed for the fraud you really are. Once that happens then what will you do? When the fairytale becomes a nightmare how will you ever go on with your lies? The harsh reality of  it is, more likely than not you will never be exposed for your falsities because the people with the ammunition to shoot you down will never let off a round for they are just as artificial as you. What satisfaction does your life get when you get likes or comments on a knock-off designer bag or an expensive rental car that’s not even yours? Does it add value to your life to have others envy you for your worldly, materialistic possessions that have no place at your judgement? Heaven doesn’t offer a storage unit.
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