Funny Valentine…

“But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.” ~ Carrie Bradshaw




Happy Valentine’s Day!! Do yourself a favor on today, and don’t forget to fall in love with yourself!!


Woman to Woman

Most of us recently celebrated Valentine’s Day,  a day that you either love or you hate there is no in between. Valentine’s Day is a man-made holiday predicated by the retail industry to make money and lead people to believe they are not loved if they don’t share the day with someone special. (It’s a load of crap if you ask me, but then again I have not celebrated the day in over five years.) Immediately following Valentine’s Day on February 15th you have what some call, “side chic appreciation day” (some more bullshit that I’m 95% sure was created in the African-American community by some bitter betty). Side chic appreciation day is self-explanatory, it is the day following Valentine’s Day where men (or women) can show appreciation to their side piece of whom they likely ignored on the previous day while spending time with their “main”. My question is, when did it become so socially and or morally acceptable for women (I can only speak from the stand point of a woman considering) to accept the fact that their man is cheating on them? When did infidelity become so common? Seeing all the posts and comments about side chics made me pull out the blues collection, the old school songs that are comical now but speak volumes of truth. Continue reading

Random Hearts ~Valentine’s Day Rant

As Valentine’s day vastly approaches people (mostly women) are preparing themselves by looking for the perfect gift for their significant other, spending hours in the malls putting together the perfect outfit and much more. For some this holiday is major, bigger than Christmas and more special than their birthday. Me personally, I don’t care either way. In the past 10 years I have celebrated once (NO I am not bitter) I just can’t seem to find excitement in something that I never was exposed to in a positive way. I am not knocking anyone who celebrates the day by all means enjoy. In my opinion this is a day set aside for men to kiss ass for all the fucking up they did in the 365 days between last February 14th and this one. Why does a day have to be set aside to show that you love someone? Shouldn’t you make that known EVERYDAY? Valentine’s Day is a day that stores, greeting card companies and candy manufacturers can capitalize. Think about how much money people spend on buying that perfect gift and searching for the right card. Sure greeting cards are clever but can you really sum up the way you feel about the person you have been with for 10 years in 10 lines? How does some random card writer know how you feel? (Again, I am NOT knocking the holiday or those who celebrate it). All I’m saying is that if you truly love someone, your love should be celebrated daily, you should let them know they are appreciated on a regular. Sure the ring for Jared’s is a nice surprise and the candlelight dinner for two on the rooftop is a nice touch but don’t you think on Valentine’s Day that’s expected? Be spontaneous in love and celebrate your relationship on February 28th. I’m just sayin’, but then again I am single so who am I to talk?