80’s Baby

How about a trip back in time to help speed this Monday Remix along? At some point during the eighties I was born and honestly I wish I would have been born a decade or so earlier.

Don’t get me wrong being a teenager in the nineties was great but nothing like the eighties. From the music to the fashion the eighties was clutch! So here are a few of my favorite things from that decade.

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Fashion Obsession “Off the Shoulder Tops”

I have never been one to go with the trends, I’m a simple chick. I prefer jeans, flip flops and a tank over a dress and heels any day. However as I have gotten older I find myself falling into the “what’s hot” and “what’s not” when it comes to dressing. Recently I have found myself falling in love with the “off the shoulder” top. Without purposely doing so I recently purchased 3 tops that are made to fall off the shoulder. I have seen several women attempt to pull this look off. (Notice I said attempt, the women I saw weren’t successful)I have some oversized t-shirts that I wear around the house or to run errands and even in these shirts I find that I feel comfortable and sexy. I asked some of my “fashionistas” how to properly pull this off to keep from falling into the “what’s not” hot category when I wore these shirts. The homegirl Tiffany said that the look is best pulled off with a clean shoulder. Meaning no bra no tank top underneath, she said this makes the look a lot sexier and sheek. With her advice I am now confident in wearing my new fashion obsession item without running the risk of looking too 1980’s FlashDance. I am starting to see this sexy, simple, sheek look more and more, I’m not one to follow trends set by others but this is one I think I am going to join.

Posh Spice aka Victoria Beckham has always been a fashion icon but this look alone crowns her!
Hayden Pantierre is sexy and sleek in this simple off the shoulder pink top and jeans