Does skinnier mean happier?

This post was written by one of the newest member of my family…I still haven’t truly gotten to know her but I have learned she is a wonderful spirit. This was a great post and I thought I’d share it with my readers. Enjoy!!!

Dancer's Fuel

It’s very common for women to feel imperfect. We only see our flaws and we ignore our true beauty. It’s easy to let ourselves fall into the trap of thinking we will love ourselves more if we lost 10 pounds; we’d love ourselves more if we had a thigh gap; we’d love ourselves more if our arms were thinner, stomach was flatter, butt was firmer. I could go on and on.
Here’s the problem with that way of thinking. It doesn’t stop.
You will never find confidence, happiness, contentment and self-esteem through losing pounds and shedding inches. When you do lose that first 10 pounds, you may feel great at first, but it won’t last. This is a temporary satisfaction that fades as soon as you find another flaw in yourself. It is easy to slip into believing that 10 pounds wasn’t enough, that you’re still “fat” and need to…

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Lose weight, save money, work harder, be more organized.

Today marks a day we have never seen and one we will never see again. Many people make resolutions that
will be broken before the start of February, as I entered this new year I entered it with no resolves only a true and sincere desire to do and be better than years prior. I want to be a better mother and a better friend. I am challenging myself to write daily and to surround myself with people who only give off positive energy. I am relieving myself of all past emotionals burdens and looking forward with a clean heart. I vow to use my GOD given talents for the purpose in which they were intended. Go forward and be great yesterday is gone and tomorrow has yet to come, live for today.



Biting your nails, chewing your hair, tapping your foot; these are just a few examples of bad habits people tend to have. There is nothing abnormal about having certain bad habits, it is a part of human nature and we all have them. Is it abnormal however for a person to be your bad habit? defines a “habit” as: an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Keeping that defintion in mind, I ask the question again; is it possible to consider someone your bad habit? Maxwell’s song “Bad Habit” in my opion describes the response to a T. This song captures the lowest of the lowest points of an addiction to a person. A bad habit is just that right? An addiction? You feel like you want it, need it, and will do anything to get it! You can be addicted to a person therefore they can in fact be a bad habit. Bad habits are often hard to break! What or should I say WHO is your bad habit? We all have one!