Let’s Talk Polish

“A person’s nail polish tell’s me all I need to know about them.”

Just like your style of dress or your hair your nail polish color says a lot about your personality. How many times have you glanced at the nails of someone you’ve just met and formulated an opinion based on their bright red manicure or their bare boring nails? I personally have always judged women based on their manicure [or lack there of]. Unkept hands and nails say more about a woman than her clothes ever could. So what does your choice of nail color say about you?

Red Nails:
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Color CLAWs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE nail polish! Did I mention I LOVE it? I was always playing in different colors growing up, of course when I got old enough I got sculptured nails. Recently, for the first time since I was 16 I removed my nails and have been sporting a manicure. I believe that not all colors look good on acrylic nails when they are a certain length. I allowed the length of my nails to fluctuate so I didn’t do too much with the polish. Now that I am natural I have a lot more flexibility. RED has been my go to hue for the past couple of weeks, there is something so sexy and classic about perfectly manicured red nails. During these last couple of winter months it’s okay to wear dark colors such as black or a dark blue, I found myself in love with a shade called “Dance with the Devil” however with spring vastly approaching it will soon be time to go from dark to light. I personally enjoy a lot of bright colors such as yellow or a hot pink. OPI has the best polish shades with their ever evolving and unique themed colors. Who knows what the spring holds for me and my ever changing hands. Matte polish is also becoming a new trend. This polish doesn’t give the shine, it gives off a dull pale look that is ultra sleek…so as spring vastly approaches what will your hands say about you?

The Colour Crisis

Anyone who knows me (or doesn’t but has seen more than one picture of me) will testify that I am rarely seen in a social setting in any color other than black. I literally have a closet full of black clothes, NO I am not in mourning or grieving the death of anyone. I just love the color black or do I?? Is there something deeper that makes me feel the need to wear black? After recently color coordinating my closet I decided to research the effects of clothing color on self-esteem and mood. This is what I’ve come up with.

Red: This morning I put on a pair of red shoes and a red top. I immediately felt energetic and excited, I was ready for my day to begin. According to research the color red is a physical yet basic color. Stimulating us and raising our pulse rate. Red is normally associated with adult sexuality and passion. (Valentine’s Day, love, lingerie etc). Red is a color of strength, giving off the “stop and look” effect. Like a stop light.

Blue: I don’t personally wear a lot of blue, primarily because I was always a “girly girl” and blue is associated with masculinity. (Boys wear blue girls wear pink) I noticed that when I do wear blue of lighter or moderate shades I feel a sense of calm and relaxation. This is because blues are associated with serenity, calm and coolness being connected to the blue sky or the ocean.

Yellow: I LOVE yellow and I do mean LOVE! One of my favorite colors, psychologically yellow is the strongest color. Yellow is associated with the sun and sunshine giving a feeling a confidence, friendliness and creativity. The right tone of yellow will lift your spirits and self-esteem.

Purple: Another personal favorite, often associated with with royalty purple signifies quality and luxury. Purple for most women signifies a sense of strength and survival due to the fact that it has become the official color of domestic violence awareness. However too much purple of the wrong tone communicates something cheap and nasty.

Pink: What little girl isn’t a princess and doesn’t love pink?? ME! Although I am a “girly girl” I do not like a lot of pink. I can count the number of pink items in my wardrobe on one hand. Pink does the opposite of red, it soothes rather than stimulates. Pink represents femininity, love and simple sexuality. Too much pink of any tone is draining to the eye. (like a bottle of Pepto Bismol)

Black: Always save the best for last, my ALL time favorite color for ALL occasions. Black signifies power, sophistication, and glamour. Black absorbs, bringing attention essentially causing confidence. It is my theory that “bosses” wear black. Most people tend to associate black with death and mourning(which is fine considering people wear black to funerals). However it’s the way you wear it, black makes you feel sexy. Need some color? Put on a red lace pantie and bra set on underneath your LBD (little black dress) and see how you feel.

Following this blog and my research I have come to the conclusion that I wear black because I enjoy feeling sexy, confident and powerful. When I step into a room in a black dress and a red bag attention is drawn to me, like a moth to a flame. Ultimately the colors we choose to wear or not wear on a daily basis has an effect on not only how other people see or feel about you but the way you see and feel about yourself. What color are you wearing today?