Tattoo Tuesday…

“Heavily tattooed women can be said to control and subvert the ever-present ‘male gaze’ by forcing men (and women) to look at their bodies in a manner that exerts control.”~Margo Demello

As I was getting dressed for work this morning I stopped to admire the art that covers nearly 85% of my right arm. Each tattoo carefully chosen and strategically placed so that once complete the canvas will stand out and make complete sense. Today’s dress is short sleeved which of course allows each spot of ink of to be seen. While outside of my corporate job I am simply Brendolyn a woman with lots of tattoos who is proud to show them off. However, once I step foot inside my office I take on the role of a professional, one who seeks to be respected by not only her peers, but her subordinates as well as her superiors. Being young and being a woman is difficult enough, without standing out; right? So as I dressed this morning, putting on a cardigan to cover my tattooed arms I smiled because even I know that my tattoos do not impede my ability to do my job and to do my job well. For I am the “Tattooed Admin” and we all know, tattooed people do everything better.


Happy Tattoo Tuesday!!