Happy Father’s Day, Mom?!

I was trolling the internet last night when I came across a new promo commercial from Angel Soft Toilet Paper, entitled “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.” The ad featured several people of different sexes and races expressing their sentiments for their mothers who was for whatever reason a single parent. I have to admit I was not able to finish watching the entire promo as because I was just that disgusted at this display of disrespect. View the promo and my open letter to Angel Soft Toilet Paper after the break.

Dear Georgia Pacific, LLC/KOCH Industries [makers of Angel Soft Toilet Paper],

 Tell me what exactly does this promo have to do with toilet paper? Oh, wait I get it moms have to be tough but are soft at the same time; like Angel Soft? Yeah, no this is stupid. This ad is offensive and it is an insult to fathers! Would you people make a video entitled “Happy Mother’s Day, Dad”? Because let’s be honest there are a lot of single fathers out there as well. As a woman and a mother I am offended by your companies degradation of men and fathers with this ad. Women are mothers and although at times they do the job of two parents they are NOT fathers. A woman cannot do the job of a father despite doing the role of BOTH parents. Does Georgia Pacific, LLC /KOCH Industries applaud absentee fatherism? What was the intended message behind this promotional ad? “If you’re a single mother buy Angel Soft?” “Celebrate absentee fathers and use Angel Soft?” Whatever the intended message behind this was or is, it was communicated poorly and distastefully. Father’s Day is for fathers, and that doesn’t just mean men who had a hand in producing a child. Fathers come in the form of coaches, mentors, uncles and other community leaders. Fathers come in all shapes and forms but not in the form of a woman. Our men suffer enough backlash and disrespect year round without big companies like yours trying to emasculate them with stunts like this. This was a classless thing to produce and the mastermind behind this should be ashamed. I personally don’t use Angel Soft because frankly its just NOT that soft, but I will encourage other mothers to stand with me and do the same!


An Angry Single Mother

I knew this promo would receive much deserved backlash, mainly from groups geared towards rights for fathers. However, surprisingly women were in an uproar as well at this distasteful display of disrespect.  I encourage any and everyone to stop using this brand of toilet paper and any other product this company produces.[Brawny, Dixie etc] Let’s not forget these are the same people who made money to and for George Zimmerman. Tell me again why we want to buy their products? It is time that we take a stand against this corporate giants we make rich. This goes for Hallmark and their section of “Happy Father’s Day Mom” greeting cards [which only come in the form of the Mahogany brand which is obviously for African-Americans only]. Father’s Day is the day we celebrate the men who play the role, and that doesn’t mean they have to be a father. Let the men have their day!