Clutter Free

“You can’t reach for anything new if your head is filled with yesterday’s junk.”-Louise Smith

I was sitting in the office of an associate yesterday afternoon when our Divisional Vice President walked in. Immediately my associate began to apologize for her junky desk; before I could  catch myself I said ” A cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind.” Without realizing it I had made reference to my own life. As I vastly approach a new age (Thirty) I find myself feeling a little smothered by old “clutter”. From clothes that I know I will never be able to fit in [but it’s just so darn cute] to people and old situations I am over it all! So today as I was transitioning my wardrobe from winter to spring/summer I decided it is time to rid my house of clutter. I mean house in both a literal and metaphorical sense, the more I toss I become all that more free. Just throwing or giving away something as simple as a box of too small sweaters or forgiving an old enemy is one step closer to a more peaceful existence.

I will spend the next 15 days decluttering in every way possible and not apologize for it!

Peace and Blessings