Soul Mate or Soul Tie? You Decide

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“Soul mate. Two little words. One big concept. The belief that someone, somewhere is holding the key to your heart, and your dream house. All you have to do is find them. Where is this person? And if you love someone and it didn’t work out, does that mean they weren’t your soulmate? Are they just a runner up in this game show called “Happily Ever After”?” ~Carrie Bradshaw

How many times have you said “He is the one, this is my soul mate?” only to break up a few months later? It seems people have the wrong idea of what a soul mate truly is. So what is a soul mate? Is it fair to say that every time you share yourself [intimately] with someone that your souls have mated? No, because being with someone physically does not necessarily mean they are your forever love it just means there is a sexual attraction.  We must learn to differentiate soul mates from soul ties. A soul tie is two souls tied together by the spirit; mainly caused by sex. A person who lives strongly inside the “word” will tell you “the act of sex is marriage through consummation.” Every single time an unmarried person has sex they become married to that person.” Not only is your soul tied to those you have been with, but it also tied to those they have been with and so and so forth. For example if someone has had twenty-five sex partners, they have probably been exposed to hundreds of other souls, simply put you have sex with everyone your partner has had sex with. [but we know this from high school sex education class]

A soul mate on the other hand simply put into laymen’s terms is, the epitome of love and partnership, your hearts other half life partner. The connection to that of a soul mate is immediate, in a soul ties situation the connection is bonded over time. Let me have you think for a minute about that one person who always seems to randomly cross your mind (for whatever reason), that is your soul tie. Soul ties can often be unhealthy and damaging. People are always using the excuse that sex is just sex, when that is not at all true because sex ties souls.

3 things you need to know about Sexual Soul Ties

Sex and love are two different entities in their entirety, however it is not uncommon that we sometimes confuse good sex with love. Most of us remain in “life-partner” situationships for a variant of reasoning, sex being one of them, soul ties have the tendency to keep you in bondage even after relationships have been severed. There is also the underlying fear of being alone. Victims of soul tie situations find themselves living the cliche’, “Everything that glitters ain’t gold”, which goes back to my original question. Everyone is looking for something, be it good sex, financial stability, real love or just the pursuit of happiness. At what cost are you willing to pay? How much of your soul are you willing to sacrifice to find what you believe is the perfect mate only to realize they were a seat filler? Ask yourself how many soul ties have you created and what’s left for your soul mate.

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One thought on “Soul Mate or Soul Tie? You Decide

  1. chicstylezllc says:

    I read a post earlier that said when you know you have met your soulmate when you are around them and can be calm, soulmates dont make you nervous, anxious, sweaty, etc. I thought that was extremely interesting

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