The Spider to the Fly

“Normal is an illusion. What is normal to the spider may be chaos to the fly.” ~Morticia Addams

I love a good quote, and when I find one that speaks to me I stick with it. Over the weekend I was looking for a quote to get printed on a t-shirt, I wasn’t looking for anything fancy just a “say something” statement. It was during that search I came across the above quote by the ever timeless Morticia Addams [played by Carolyn Jones] in the 1960’s show “The Addams Family” . MorticiaWho would think that something so profound would come from the likes of a woman [character] such as Morticia? My initial reaction was “Finally someone who gets it!” This quote is merely the basis and the understanding of everything around us. What is normal? Is normal waking up every morning, brushing your teeth and dressing for work? Carolyn-Jones-as-Morticia-AdamsIs normal working a nine to five everyday for someone else or is normal working for self? There really is no definition of “normal” because we all see and do things differently, which is why this quote makes so much sense. Your normal is not my normal nad well, that’s perfectly normal.  If everyone adapted to this way of thinking wouldn’t the world be a better place? Sure, in a perfect world said the spider to the fly.

“Black is a happy color.”~ Morticia Addams

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