Let’s Talk Polish

“A person’s nail polish tell’s me all I need to know about them.”

Just like your style of dress or your hair your nail polish color says a lot about your personality. How many times have you glanced at the nails of someone you’ve just met and formulated an opinion based on their bright red manicure or their bare boring nails? I personally have always judged women based on their manicure [or lack there of]. Unkept hands and nails say more about a woman than her clothes ever could. So what does your choice of nail color say about you?

Red Nails:

According to nail experts; red nail polish signifies that like manicure the wearer is “perfectly polished”. A fiery red manicure says confidence, daring, outgoing and not afraid to be dramatic.

"I'm more of a red nail polish kind of girl."

“I’m more of a red nail polish kind of girl.”

While red nails are the common choice for date night or a night out with the girls, women who choose red as their go to color for an  everyday manicure and it shows they aren’t scared of the spotlight.

Dark or Black Nails: Nail experts will say that women who choose dark hues or black polish are nails-black-polish (1)assumed to live on the wild side. A dark navy blue polish is a sign of confidence and sophistication. This polish indicates that the wearer is not afraid to live on the edge, enjoys a little mystery, and is also confident.

Grey Nails: Women who choose grey for there are considered chic and stylish. The woman who chooses cool, dove grey hues for her nails is androgynous and cool just like her choice of color.

Neutral or Nude Nails: The woman who chooses a nude or neutral nail color is more of the traditional woman. Nudes are earth-toned colors for the “All American Girl.”


“So Chic” by Liquid Frosting Nail Color is the perfect nude.

    Pink Nails: Pink hues generally show the wearer’s girly and flirty side. Pale pink shades are a subtle expression of feminism. Hot pink nails, like red nails are daring and spicing. Hot pink nails speak volumes of energy and spunk of the wearer.

"Puss in Pink" by Liquid Frosting Nail Color

“Puss in Pink” by Liquid Frosting Nail Color






Nail Wraps Or Designs: Women who adorn their nails in wraps, decals, designs or studs are considered to be the life of the party. They know how to express themselves and make a bold statement. A woman who splashes a bit of glitter on her nails shines just as bright as the sparkle on her nails. It’s all about fun.

Chipped or Un-kept Nails: A woman with chipped or un-kept nails tells the world that she may be too busy to care for her nails.

There are many more colors and combinations that could make a last impression on the world. So when choosing a color ask yourself, “What will my nail color tell the world?”

“Tell the world a story with your nails”

~B.Marie, Founder and Creator of Liquid Frosting Nail Color


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