Kaya Morris Wiley vs. Black Patsy- part 2

If you will remember I had the opportunity to sit down with the infamous “Black Patsy” (Kaya Morris-Wiley)  of Lifetime  reality show “Dance Moms”.  In case you missed part one of that interview you can check it out here.

Without further adiue here is the final part of my interview with the spunky mother of four who warms our hearts with her sass.

BM: You have had some very intense fights with the other moms, of all the moms who gets under your skin the most?

KM: I know people assume that it’s Jill from ALDC but it’s not. I’ll certainly pay for this once this comes out but I can’t stand fellow CADC mom, Brigette! You think Black Patsy is a crazy dance mom? You’ve seen NOTHING until you’ve encountered Brigette Triana. She has no filter…and not in a GOOD way like me. But in Tourette’s Syndrome kind of way. Shit just comes out of her mouth that no sane person would say! I like her as a cast member though because all of the other moms really like each other. We need someone to fight with and Brigette makes it so easy. Also, for the record, I HATE ABBY LEE MORE THAN ALL THE MOMS COMBINED! IF I ever run into her off camera, I’m slapping the spit out of her…be sure to Tweet that!

*sidenote: Kaya warned me before answering that her answer was not going to be what I expected and she was right! I was truly thrown for a loop and my mouth hit the floor!*

BM: You did an interview a while back with Hot 104.1, in which you said you and Nicaya would not return to Dance Moms. What persuaded you to change your mind and return?

KM: I went back because I desperately wanted to clean up my image. I wanted the world to see the REAL Kaya vs the Black Patsy character that they met last season. But no matter how hard I tried to show a calmer, non-confrontational, more Soccer Mom-like Kaya, the viewers only got to see me in full Patsy form. But I REALLY wanted the viewers to see how talented Nicaya really is! They always show bits & pieces of her performing. Her solo that she performed during the St Louis episode was chopped up so bad that she cried when it aired. After Abby made her look incompetent because she couldn’t do acro tricks, people never gave Nicaya a chance. I keep hoping for them to give her a jazz solo so she can show them how she gets down, but it has yet to happen. What saves her reputation is the fact that even though she looks less than awesome on the show, dancers all over St Louis and surrounding areas KNOW what she’s capable of and she has established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the REAL competition circuit. Nicaya can’t do acro tricks and I don’t want her to. But she has NATURAL talent. My kid can MOVE! Acro tricks don’t make you talented. It makes you Cirque du Soleil material, while Nicaya’s talent makes her Alvin Ailey or Joffrey material. Have you ever seen a REAL dancer do a freaking back handspring? Hell no! If she COULDN’t dance as well as the kids at ALDC, she wouldn’t be on the show. As picky as Abby is, she would NOT have allowed Nicaya to perform with her team only a day after meeting her if she hadn’t proved herself worthy. My kid CAN dance and she’s not just on the show because of me. Crazy moms come a dime a dozen…Nicaya can hold her own.

BM:How has becoming a”reality television star” changed your relationship (and Nicaya’s) with your other children? Has anything changed at all? Do the boys treat her or you any different?

KM: My oldest daughter, Amaya, is proud of Nicaya but doesn’t think the show is a big deal. She says she hears me yell enough at home so she doesn’t need to watch the show. The boys are so happy for us! When I wanted to quit, they are the ones that encouraged me to go back. They also love all the recognition they get as a result of having “celebrities” in the family. My oldest son, Michael, appeared in one episode (for just a few seconds) and the girls at his school went crazy about it! Nico acts like Nicaya’s bodyguard. He won’t let kids take pictures of Nicaya without her consent. He even monitors her Instagram fan page and tells when someone says something he doesn’t like. But both boys get angry when she gets fewer chores due to her busy schedule. She dances 6 days per week and models. So when she doesn’t do dishes they’ll say “Lil girl just because you’re on tv does NOT mean you can’t wash dishes. You don’t have a maid!” The one thing that did bother my older son initially was the modeling opportunities that Nicaya has had as a result of the show. Michael is GORGEOUS! I mean that boy is Calvin Klein underwear model material! So when Nicaya modeled for the Weissman’s Catalog and got the cover of the Spiritual Expressions Dance Catalog, Michael was happy for her but disappointed that HE isn’t modeling. In his opinion, he’s much cuter than Nicaya!

*sidenote* I have seen both of Kaya’s boys and they are very handsome young men and if the stories she proudly tells about them are true they are hilarious and smart.*

BM: How has life changed for you overall since being on the show?dance-moms-the-real-housewives-of-pittsburgh--L-tcFPSi

KM: Aside from kids freaking out when they see me in the mall or competitions and even my own damn family acting like fans when they see me, nothing has changed for me. Nicaya had a really rough time last year after we started filming the show. Nicaya is a really shy, quiet, type of kid who sits alone during lunch reading a book and memorizing facts about Ed Sheeran & One Direction (it’s a Science to her). She hangs with the kids who everyone else views as uncool. It sounds cruel for me to say this, but Nicaya wasn’t cool at all. She’s the kind of kid I probably would’ve bullied in middle school! But that first show aired at a perfect time, right when she started middle school. The kids who once ignored her and thought she was uncool were suddenly inviting her to parties, calling her, sitting with her at lunch and being her new BFF’s! People who never even knew she could dance and only knew her as Nico’s sister, suddenly had a celebrity with a locker next to theirs! But it was short lived. Several months went by and her 15 minutes of fame were up. Her BFF’s were now her bullies. They wouldn’t deal with her at all. She came home from school and cried in her room everyday for more than a month. I was devastated. As a mom, I couldn’t do anything but talk to her about the difference between true friends and fair weather fans. I worked with the school to resolve the bullying issues, but I couldn’t force the popular kids to hang out with her again (well I COULD force it, but that’s called assault). The next season, Nicaya was back on Dance Moms and once again she was the most popular, coolest kid in school. She started declining party invitations and kept hanging with her normal (uncool) friends. The ones who loved her before she became Nicaya from Dance Moms.

She had to grow up fast. (Interesting fact about Nicaya: she has only watched 2 episodes of Dance Moms! Our first one and the one when they filmed in St Louis. She hates the show but loves to be on. I don’t get it!)

BM: You recently revealed that in the return of Black Patsy on this upcoming season you will be “natural” (in regards to your hair), what is the drive behind this change?

KM: Initially I wore wigs because I was transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. I had a teenie weenie afro under that wig. After our second episode, there was so much talk about “Black Patsy and her afro” that the hair began to define me! So I made the big hair part of my character.

But this summer when I wore a straight wig, people LOVED it and all over social media I was suddenly pretty….in the eyes of White fans. I had blonde highlights and straight hair so I was much more acceptable to them and it softened my character a bit. Nothing burns me up more than White people raving about how pretty I am when my hair is STRAIGHT! Not only Dance Moms fans, but at work, the dance studio, and in general. So does that mean I’m NOT pretty with nappy hair? Me rocking my natural locs is an effort to make a statement. I was born with nappy hair (literally…it was nappy as hell the day I was born) so I’m going back to my roots. I’m being true to ME whether my white fans accept it or not. Honey, I’m sexy with whatever hair style I rock! Nicaya also has a big afro under her micro braids! But I keep it braided because it’s easy to manage and change up when I need to. It’s hard slicking her afro into a bun!

BM: Do you think this will change viewers perception of you?

KM: Absolutely! I can earn my PhD and start acting exactly like Dr Holly but they’ll still view me in a negative light once I show my locs. I’ll be even more “ghetto” and uneducated all because my hair is unruly to them. Who cares, I’m so happy to be nappy and they can kiss my black ass! 

BM: What can viewers expect from Black Patsy and Nicaya in the future? (Not just with the show, but upcoming events or projects?) Could there possibly be a spin off in the works?

KM: I don’t know what’s going on with Black Patsy, but KAYA still has a 9-5 job and 3 children at home who need me. Would I committ to a full season of Dance Moms? No. I won’t pull my child out of school to move to Ohio for a show. My appearances will be few & far between because it’s my son, Michael’s, senior year! I’m not missing a single wrestling match, track meet, banquet or anything else this year. This is the most bittersweet time of my life! I’m sad to see him grow up, but happy that he has such a bright future ahead of him beyond high school. No amount of money is worth missing these last high school moments. As far as a spinoff, I’m so over reality tv. There was talk about it last year when they filmed at our home for the St Louis episode. But I don’t think I’m controversial enough for my own show. Nothing actually happens the way the viewers see it. I won’t subject my children to that kind of chaos on a full time basis just for a paycheck. Reality tv is emotionally & psychologically exhausting! 

Nicaya is now dancing/training full time for COCA’s Junior Dance Company & their Hip Hop Crew. She’ll also compete with Best Talent Center. Dance Moms isn’t getting her any closer to Ailey (where she plans to spend her summer training with them in New York). 

BM: Lastly, what do you want fans and viewers to know about the real Kaya Morris?

KM: 1. The REAL Kaya is the most genuine, loving, funny, down to Earth person you’ll ever meet. 

2. I DO get aggressive/no nonsense (like Black Patsy) when it comes to my kids, but what real mom wouldn’t? 

3. My personality in real life is nothing like the tough-ass Patsy character. I’m the biggest cry baby in the world! 4. I’m a germophobe and very strict about table manners. The other moms make fun of me for this.

5. I single-handedly raised 4 children including one 1 that adopted when she was 12yrs old. She’s 21 now.  I’m also a grandmother to 9mth old Ky’Lei. She is certainly Toddlers in Tiaras material!  My children are all gifted, talented, well mannered, and involved in lots of activities. 

6. People always assume that the Dance Moms, myself included, are former dancers who live vicariously through their children. While I’m by far the craziest mom on the show, I’m actually the only one who has never danced. I don’t know a damn thing about dance! I was a swimmer & cheerleader in high school. I wanted all of my kids to swim, but Nicaya was the one who wouldn’t cooperate so I put her in dance and it was on from there! 

7. Speaking of crazy mom, I’m a crazier Wrestler Mom than I am a Dance Mom! I have quite a reputation at Kirkwood High during wrestling season! Michael is a BEAST on the mat and I let everyone around me know it. It’s not uncommon to find me kneeling near the mat yelling & coaching from the sidelines and taunting his opponent…all while wearing my infamous Mat Mama hoodie with a picture of shirtless, muscular Michael on the back! I have such poor sportsmanship as a parent! Now THAT is where the cameras need to follow me, to wrestling matches from November-February. By the way, my son went undefeated until the end of the season, it the Class 4 District champion in his weight class and a state medalist! Mess with me if you want to…Michael Burns ain’t no joke!

8. I’m soooo openly gay & proud. I busted “out of the closet” more than 10 years ago and took that closet door off the hinges. People always whisper about it as though it’s a secret. I made my sexual preference known from episode 1. It’s never been a secret. Speaking of which, I’m single and looking.

Well, there you have it folks! The real Kaya Morris-Wiley! Kaya was a joy to speak with and I look forward to her hilarious commentary and updates on her children. I also look forward to seeing her and Nicaya on this season’s Dance Moms!

And that is a wrap!

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