“Don’t Turn Off the Lights” ~Michel’le Live


Myself and the Tiny Songstress
October 11, 2013

Sometimes voices can be decieving. This is ( and always has been) the case of R&B Diva, Michel’le. Her under developed vocal cords casue her to have the speaking voice of a child who has been sucking on helium. Being a huge fan of the soultry singer I jumped at the chance to meet her during a recent performance here in St. Louis. Having watched all episodes of this seasons R&B Divas L.A it was like she and I were old friends. She graciously greeted me with a hug and was ever so welcoming. Surprisngly thin and extremely short ( I stand 5’2, 5’6 in heels, she was my normal height even in heels) she was everything and more with her larger than life personality and sense of humor. The mother of Dr. Dre’s daughter and ex- wife of Suge Knight, Michel’le held nothing back and took little offense when I told her the first time my son heard her voice he asked “Mama, is that REALLY her voice?” Saying through laughter “I love the kids, call him he won’t believe it’s really me.”  I spent a lttle more than ten minutes with the voice behind the chorus to Tupac’s “Run the Streetz” while she posed for pictures and laughed with the small entorouge of fans and press allowed into her dressing room.

Michel'le  during her recent visit to the Colisieum in St. Louis

Michel’le during her recent visit to the Colisieum in St. Louis
*photo courtesy of Kenya Vaughn of the St. Louis American*

 Never having seen her perform live I was more than impressed that she sounds just like her records. Although there was not a full house she performed as if she were singing to a stadium full of thousands. It was amazing to listen to her go from her high pitched speaking voice straight into song, where if you had your eyes closed you would think it was two different people.

Most famously known for “Somethin’ in my Heart” Michel’le reminded fans that she was the background voice to songs such as “Let’s Playhouse” by Tha Dogg Pound and “Before You Turn Off the Lights”  by World Class Reckin Cru. I can honestly say that I lived during her entire performance. In my opinion Michel’le was underrated and definitly could have been a power player in the music industry had she been given the chance.

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