I’d Like to Use a Lifeline..


Over the years I have learned that nothing  in life is guaranteed, life as you know it can change in an instant. You could get injured, lose your job or worse lose a spouse. We go through life, living each day for what it’s worth not thinking of the what if’s. Each day you get up and go through your daily routine of brushing your teeth, eating breakfast and going into your office, rarely taking a moment to appreciate what has been given or acknowledging the fact that it could all be taken away in an instant. So I ask you, in the event of an unfortunate incident do you have a lifeline?

Now that I got you thinking about the what ifs let’s dig a little deeper beneath the surface of life as we know it. Today is not promised and to be completely honest we aren’t owed anything, so it is best to be grateful for what is given. Am I making any sense? When I ask if  you have a life line, that could be any number of things. For me, when faced with unfortunate circumstances or situations I have two lifelines, prayer and a close friend. I find that at the earliest signs of trouble I immediately turn my troubles over to prayer and then call my friend to vent or cry. Now granted, calling a friend crying wouldn’t get me my job back or solve all my problems but it feels good to know there’s someone I can count on.   Prayer on the other hand, is a true lifeline. No matter how big or small the problem, nothing too  trivial that it can’t be prayed over. Just recently I had to use both lifelines due to a very unexpected turn of events. Just speaking on what was going on lifted the weight of my circumstances off my heart and better days appeared. Some consider a saavy  savings account or a rainy day fund to be a lifeline, and that’s perfectly fine. (As a matter of fact that’s very smart) It’s always best to be overly prepared than not. Whether you depend on a nest egg, a friend or your religion, its  a good practice to have a lifeline.

Who or what do you depend on?

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