80’s Baby

How about a trip back in time to help speed this Monday Remix along? At some point during the eighties I was born and honestly I wish I would have been born a decade or so earlier.

Don’t get me wrong being a teenager in the nineties was great but nothing like the eighties. From the music to the fashion the eighties was clutch! So here are a few of my favorite things from that decade.

1) Harlem Nights: The 1989 film “Harlem Nights” is my number favorite movie of all time. With an all-star cast of hilarious and talented comedians and actors this movie will forever be a classic! Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor in their prime!!


2)Put Your Mouth On Me: Speaking of Eddie Murphy, did ya’ll know Eddie could sing? (Well kind of). I had his 1989 single “Put Your Mouth on Me” a collaboration with Rick James on cassette tape, and I wore it out!!

3) Teen Witch:The 1989 movie  starring Robin Lively is still till this day a movie I watch like it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it! Who doesn’t love magic?


What girl didn’t want to be the most popular girl? And her fashion?? To die!!

4)Under the Cherry Moon: I was only a fresh one year-old when “Under the Cherry Moon” starring Prince and Jerome Benton was released, but have learned to appreciate the film twenty-seven years later. Set in black and white this movie is FULL of color!! Did I mention it stars Jerome Benton?


5) Nasty Girl: Three years before I entered this world the girl group Vanity 6 was climbing the charts with their hit song “Nasty Girl” see my throwback video of the day for a recap.

6) Batman: Before Batman began and the Dark Knight rose there was just Batman. The 1989 adaptation of the Marvel Comic ““Batman” starring Micheal Keaton and Jack Nicholson was a classic!

The original vilan and all around “clown”, Nicholson gave a great performance. No actor has ever been able to capture “The Batman” quite like Keaton.


VTech Socrates:: Released in 1988 and named after the philosopher this was one of my first game consoles. It was an educational game system complete with wireless remotes and a talking Robot that resembled Johnny Five from the movie “Short Circuit”

9 and 10) Hair and Fashion:: Salt-N-Pepa were the upper echelon of style and fashion!

From Pepa’s stacked gold hair to the groups overall style.  Denim outfits, leather motor cycle jackets and gold chains!! Then there was Jennier Beals’


trendsetting off the shoulder oversized top and stretch pants. Big curly hair and fingerwaves with lots of “AquaNet” was also a must in the 80’s.

Ahhh the good old days!

2 thoughts on “80’s Baby

  1. Purely.. Kay says:

    I knew Eddie tried to sing and could not stand the song “Party all the time” LOL. And I definitely remember everything you mentioned. I was born in the 80’s but this was a welcome back to an amazing decade 😉

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