You Are Only Allowed Three Great Loves in Your Lifetime

Great post!! Wanted to share!!!!

From Ashy to Classy

Two of the things that drive us as humans the most are survival and happiness. Both can many times go hand in hand but happiness is the ultimate thing we all want. We want to as Mr. Spock would say “live long and prosper”. They say life is short but life can also be long as hell if we make the wrong life choices and lead ourselves into certain spaces. The search for love and companionship is harder than implementing Einstein’s theory of relativity.

486727_190662594402815_1470904814_nThere is not a such thing as the fantasy of a soul mate but we can all work to find a great companion. We also have to understand that even though the idea of the proverbial soul mate in the fashion we were groomed to believe doesn’t exist that we need to understand who meshes well with us. The trick of the game is that we…

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