Penny Pincher

If anybody knows the value of a dollar it’s me. I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m cheap, I prefer the term frugal or money conscious. I recently decided to do a wardrobe overhaul, to work on changing my image. It is no secret I am not exactly the fashionista (give me my favorite jeans and a T-shirt and I’m happy) but I pride myself on having style. With that being said I decided to enlist the help of my friend who is the owner of Chic Stylez, LLC. Like myself she is very money conscious, but unlike me she has a keen eye for true fashion. (I will provide her contact information) I received a text from her last weekend asking if I wanted to go to the mall, JCP was having an extra 25% off sale. Ummm Yes! Who doesn’t love a sale? So without further delay we headed to the mall and as we always did we set a budget. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck in JCP so we continued on our shopping expedition. We ducked in and out of stores looking for some hot fashion friendly items, it wasn’t until we dropped in H&M that we found some great buys.

Clutches courtesy of H&M

Clutches courtesy of H&M

Always the sucker for a great purse I came across two super cute clutches, and guess what. They

The price of happiness

The price of happiness

were on sale! I couldn’t let these great finds slip through my hands so I bought both. Two for the price of one. Part of my reasoning behind not being into fashion is due in part to the fact that most times it is an expensive lifestyle. But in hanging with Chic Stylez I am learning that you can look amazing with any budget and at times it will be necessary to splurge. I’d like to share five  saving tips that will not only keep you looking amazing and not deplete your coin purse.

1) Shop your favorite stores online. You can almost always find a coupon code for a store. Also items generally go on sale online before they do in-store.

2) Don’t be afraid of the clearance rack, it is your friend.(As seasons change so does inventory and the clearance racks fill up with great looks you just have to have the patience required to look) clearance-tag

3) Sign up for emails from your favorite stores, the perks of doing so is almost always coupons and early notifications of a sale.

4) Shop your own closet, a lot of times when we shop it is because we are looking for something in particular or have a major event we are preparing for when more times than not you already  have something in your closet. Don’t be  afraid to wear something more than once.

5) Be not weary of thrift stores, there are a lot of great finds in resale and thrift shops and the Goodwill.

Go forth and look great!






If you are  looking for a personal shopper or fashion consultant check out my girl over at Chic Stylez, LLC.

I use her for all my fashion needs and always end up looking fabulous and without having spent a lot of money. photoshoot styled by Chic Stylez, LLC (7.13.13)  Photo credit XM2, LLC photoshoot styled by Chic Stylez, LLC (7.13.13)
Photo credit XM2, LLC


Entire look put together by Chic Stylez, LLC. Green peplum top from JCP ($10.00), Designer Multi-Color Pumps from Target ($27.99) and white jeans from Forever 21 (21.99)

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