Who Am I?

black-power-pin-8952628Do not be mislead by the title of this post, the question of “Who Am I”  is not one that will be answered within these lines. I recently found myself in the midst of a heated debate regarding race, religion and politics; three things I never get into discussions about. However, whenever I do find myself in situations where I am backed into a corner and must speak on religion, the surprise people exhibit on how well versed I am in the “Word” is priceless. (For many years my GODMother has claimed an anointing over me, indicating that my place is in the church) Throughout the course of the aforementioned conversation between myself and a friend who is currently in the process of “self-identification” and “discovery” I found myself wanting to pull my hair out strand by strand in several instances. This debate by far was one of the most draining I have ever been privy to. Please allow me to elaborate.

What began as a phone call asking me to write about the difference in reality television shows and their pay scales turned into an all out word war. The question was, “Why is that the Kardashian’s are a higher paid entity than the casts of shows such as the Love and Hip Hop franchise.” The answer for me was very simple, not only do you have to look at the production platform, the budget as well as the network are mitigating factors. Not to mention the fact that the Kardashians themselves are a brand, the cast members of the Love and Hip Hop franchise are without a doubt has-beens attempting to revamp and revitalized dead careers, there is no real money there. Naturally my answer as simple but the conversation quickly turned into a race issue, (which I had anticipated so I had my trump card ready to be played). NeNe Leakes of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” franchise is worth 1 million dollars per season and the show airs twice a year, making her the highest paid housewife PERIOD and she is very black. ok-nene-leakes-red-dress-deJust like the Kardashians, NeNe is a brand all her own so that argument was quickly made to be null. You can verify Leakes’ salary and the validity of my statement here As if this wasn’t painful enough I continued in conversation. Disputing the fact that I personally am not one who sees color. While I am not naive to the fact that racism is still alive and well today (Paula Deen is a prime example) I refuse to be swayed by the small-minded thoughts of others. I am of mixed ethnicities and have a melting pot of a family so to me love has no color. Realizing my position was firm the topic changed to religion.

As I previously mentioned I am not one to boast about my religious knowledge, however I was brought up by a very religious family and am very much familiar with the word. Without boring you with all the details of this hour long conversation I will summarize the last five minutes. While on this journey of self-discovery my friend has began exploring many aspects of our culture (Our being African-American). Forcing me to question his religious beliefs along with many other ideals. Once an dedicated fan of the show Scandal, his newfound “journey” is leading him into oblivion and he said he will not watch the show once it returns in the fall. (Such blasphemy) When asked was it because of the misogynistic undertone surrounding the likeness of Sally Hemings and Olivia Pope he said it was due to the open display of homosexuality on the show. Explaining that it is a sin and that an entire continent was wiped out in the Bible due to homosexuality. I giggled at the reference. While it is true that in the book of Genesis Sodom and Gomorrah were in fact wiped out but not due ONLY to homosexuality. The word speaks about the fornication, adultery, homosexuality and wickedness. So in response I simply stated that no one sin is greater than another, and the word also reads “Let who is without sin cast the first stone.” At that point I’d had enough and just asked what sin if not homosexuality had he committed?

We are all on a journey while on this path called life and as we all struggle to find ourselves at any age we have to realize that while very similar we are all very different. What I believe may not be what the next man believes and vice versa, does that make any of our beliefs any less right or wrong? As long as you stay true to yourself, “Who Am I?” is a question you only need answer for yourself.

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