Tupac Shakur and His Schizophrenic Genius Part I

Being a loyal fan of TuPac all my life I found this to be a wonderful read!!!

From Ashy to Classy

I remember my Freshman year in high school where I was attending an all-boys Jesuit school and given an assignment in Theology class to take a song that I am currently listening to that was near and dear to me and write about and present it. I decided to use the title track of Tupac Shakur’s album “Me Against The World” as the song I would use for my paper.  Keep in mind for this assignment we had to play the song out loud for the class before we presented our paper. Think about how shocked the class and my teacher (who was a Jesuit priest) was when Tupac and Dramacydal (soon to be known as the Outlawz) came blaring out of the speakers. Keep in mind I was the only black person in the class and this was 95 and Hip hop was getting popular in the mainstream at…

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