Black Mail~Part Two

“Are you out of your mind?! You and that nigga both crazy! Ya’ll belong together!” Chelsey was livid on the other end of the phone as I explained my plan to her. “You can’t just go around ruining people’s lives like that. Let that shit go, Malcolm is all talk and no action. Fuck him!” While my best friend knew just about everything there was to know about me there were still some things that I’d kept between me and GOD, or so I’d assumed. I still hadn’t figured out what it was Malcolm had heard and to be completely honest I was scared shitless. My tainted past was nothing short of a low-budget hood film complete with sex, money, and rappers (lots of them). “Earth to Chloe! Hello!” Chelsey’s nagging voice snapped me out of my daydream. “Girl please, I’m not about to sit back and allow this clown to run me into the ground doing Lord knows what with and for him. I am not his hoe. He had me nervous for a minute but he seems to have forgotten who I used to be!” I was feeling myself at that point and ready for war. Malcolm wasn’t the only person who had life altering information, only difference between his and mine was that the shit I knew would put his ass under the jail. His exposure would only make my stock go through the rough, my skills are nothing short of amazing. My only preservation was I didn’t want to push him to make my private life public to my employer. I lived life with no regrets but that’s a line I couldn’t let get crossed, I had to protect my livelihood.

I didn’t give a rats ass if people in this who sleeping with who of a town saw his personal montage of photos of me or videos of me and HIM, but my job was something different. I had worked hard and was not going to let this asshole ruin it. His little plan involved hurting me emotionally, mine did the same only it would damage much more than his feelings and ego. I had taken the gloves off and knew that if this plan fell through I’d be finished, but a girl like me loves a good game of Russian Roulette.

“So what you gonna do Clo? You gonna let him use you? Treat you like a low life whore till he gets tired or let this shit go!?” Damn Chelsey and her 21 questions! “Neither! I’ma make his ass miserable just for thinking he was going to blackmail me. Let the games begin.” Just as I said that someone knocked on my door. “Gotta go Chels.” I said without waiting for a response before hanging up.

“So you wanna talk? Let’s talk.”

~To Be Continued~

*Writer’s note: I know my readers are like hurry up, but I have to build suspense. Part 3 which will be the final part will be posted on Monday. Until then…….Blessings B

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