Dirty Laundry ~Music Review~

kelly-rowland-dirty-laundryKelly Rowland has slowly but surely stepped out of the shadow of Beyonce’ and she is coming out of the corner like Ali in his prime. I am not a bandwagon Kelly Ro fan, she has always been my favorite Destiny’s Child member. Keeping with the momentum Kelly released a new single yesterday entitled, “Dirty Laundry” In this song Kelly confesses her deepest secrets, singing about her resentment of Queen Bey and a previous relationship in which she endured domestic abuse. Undoubting one of the realist and dopest songs of this year thus far Kelly is pulling out all the stops. I personally live as I watch Kelly come for the crown. This is the second single off her upcoming album “Talk a Good Game” which is scheduled to be released June 18th. With the help of The Dream this song is sure-fire classic.

What do you think of Kelly’s new song? Did she go to far? Is she airing too much of her dirty laundry?

Fans and critics alike are supporting the “game changer” as Gabriel Union called it.


3 thoughts on “Dirty Laundry ~Music Review~

  1. Jolene Simon says:

    I admit that I wasn’t surprised when I first read of Kelly’s admission that she was jealous of Beyoncé. As I stated in my original post on this subject (The Envy of all women, crushed linen) for years the industry had been comparing the girls with Kelly always coming up short. It is not surprising that a predator could swoop in and try to poison her mind and become extremely abusive. Thank God that Kelly did not succumb to the petty jealousies of the other 2 girls. Maybe now she can finally heal. PS, Why does it matter who her abuser is?

    • Brendolyn Marie says:

      I couldnt agree with everything you said more!!! I too have always wondered how Kelly dealt with Bey getting all the shine. Ive been more than ready to see her make a mark.. I dont care who abused her, it doesnt matter. What matters is that she is still standing. Great commentary!!

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