Confessions of a Fun Boy

Urban Dictionary defines the term Fun Boy as such;A male with latent homosexual tendencies who enjoys the company of other males” . The term fun boy is used when referencing men who exhibit all the behaviors of that of a homosexual male. In most cases these men deny having homosexual tendencies and often times go to extreme measures to prove they aren’t “fun boys”. With the recent allegations of football player Kerry Rhodes by former assistant/lover Russell “Hollywood” Simpson it seems that many “side boos” (Side Boo= the male version of a side chick) are no longer willing to keep their lovers dirty little secret. Brothers being on the “down low” is nothing shocking, this epidemic of underworld boy on boy action while having a wife, girlfriend or children at home has been going on for years. It seems that Hollywood being willing to come forward with his truth has opened Pandora’s Box, allow me to take you into the world of a fun boy. kerry_rhodes_gay_russell_simpson


No woman wants to find out her man is cheating on her much less that he is cheating with a man. Imagine the surprise a woman would receive when after finding out her man is being unfaithful she calls his “mistress” on the phone only to find out it’s a “mister”.  Or how would you feel if you came home to find your roommate in bed with his company and that company is rocking a pair of size 10 Jordan’s? Many would be in total dismay if they knew just how many dope boys, thugs, baby daddies, husbands and boyfriends have boyfriends. I am a strong believer in that if you are a straight male who hangs with openly gay men then you are either a fun boy, curious, or on the down low. What other reason does a straight man have to hang with a homosexual, because they have great fashion sense? No, no I know what it is, it’s because they hang with all the pretty girls. Here is the story of a true fun boy:

“If I told you that your man was discreetly buying me all the latest kicks how would you feel? If I told you that I had pictures of your man doing things that even Zane hasn’t thought of  all up and through my IPhone what would you say? Would it break your heart to know that you and I are sharing the same man? It has never been my intent to be the reason a man is unfaithful to his woman, that’s not what I’m here for. However, I would have to say it is probably my boyish charm and my down to Earth personality that attracts these men to me. It is not a day that goes by that I don’t have a direct message on Twitter or an inbox on Facebook from a straight man pretending to need something shoe or clothing related. “Bruh where can I get them Foams from?” or “Aye lil bruh I heard you got the hook up on new releases.” First of all let me just say the term Bruh is the new “You have something in your eye” Listen to me and you just may learn something new ladies, there is a difference in “Bro” and “Bruh”, men who are on the down low refer to their lovers as “lil bruh” or “bruh”, this is simply a cover. It always starts out as a message then it turns to comments and likes on numerous pictures on Instagram. Conversation leads to actions and just like that, your man is a fun boy. (Don’t worry ladies, I am not out to steal your men.) One does not turn into a fun boy overnight, as the definition says the tendencies are latent, a man who is a self-proclaimed thug will never openly admit that he likes to have sex with men. It ‘s surprising the lives that some of these men are living, at one point I was messing with a dude and even his roommate had no clue that he liked boys. After being out-of-town his roommate came home one morning, naturally “Mister” freaked out and told me to just be quiet while he went out to greet the roommate. I heard the roommate leave again and we both fell asleep. Neither of us realized the roommate had come back until he was standing in the doorway of the room. “Damn, my bad I ain’t know you had company.” down-low-brothers-thumb He closed the door and left the house once again. Tuh, I’m not in the closet so that’s something “Mister” has to address, not my concern in which manner he does so. A “straight” man who gets questioned about his sexuality will immediately become defensive and act like a pure homophobe. These the ones you have to watch cause they the same ones sniffing up the butts of your gay friend. Don’t be fooled by the “hood” nigga, this is the most aggressive of the undercovers. He has the babymama and the kids at home and the boyfriend on the side he is the giver not the taker. My hood boy is from the Northside of town and is the king of being discreet, you would never know we knew one another. (I’ll save that story for another time while I let ya’ll marinate on that I’ve said thus far)”

Well folks, there you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. Ladies so concerned with these men sleeping with other women when they need to keep one eye open for the signs that it’s another man.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Fun Boy

  1. Davon says:

    yup he nailed it especially that Bruh part. Look out for that. Homie is another one, if in 2013 any man tells you some guy is his homie, well you already know what the deal is.

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