A Familiar Stranger

How well do you know your significant other? How much do you truly know about the person you are sleeping with? How familiar are you with the background of the man or woman you have around your children? What do you really know about the person with whom you are involved? I will wait a moment while you answer those questions.

*The events detailed below are true but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.*

It will be three years in August since that million dollar ATM Solutions heist happened here in St. Louis, I will never forget the day the first suspect’s picture flashed across the screen. Once the initial shock of what was unfolding wore off all I could think of was my friend who I will call Delila who’d been in a relationship with this very man not more than a year or so earlier. Considering both were married to other people at the time the situation in itself was scandalous, but what was soon to come was even more of a scandal. I knew from the beginning there was something that just wasn’t right about this dude, he was fresh out of prison, had tear drops tattooed on his face and a full gold front row of teeth, not exactly the man you want your friend having an affair with. (But being the good friend that I am I was supportive of the relationship) As I stated the situation was a mess from the start, especially after his wife found out about the torrid affair. I had no problems with him, aside from the fact that I knew he was taking Delila on a whirlwind ride, she had given in to the temptation and had fallen in love with a rough neck from the northside of St. Louis who apparently had a pole made of gold between his legs.

Earlier that year my son turned five, naturally Delila attended his party and guess who came along? That’s right the hood Mandingo. The party took place on April 17th, 2010 it would later come out that just the day before April 16th, 2010 this man and an accomplish kidnapped three women and one child from St. Charles, taking them to a Currency Exchange in St. Louis and robbing the store for $30,000. http://www.kmov.com/news/local/ATM-Solutions-suspect-charged-with-April-kidnapping-100695879.html  Knowing this now I can only speculate that the handful of cash and gifts he gave my son for his birthday were fruits of that robbery. It wasn’t long after that, that their relationship came to end amidst all the drama surrounding their spouses finding out. Eventually my homegirl left town, which is where she was when I called to give her the tea of his most recent arrest. Needless to say she was in shock, like me she knew he was from the wrong side of the track but had no idea what he was truly capable of, especially a million dollar heist. (Which he was in fact the master mind behind) It has been nearly three years and even know as he continues to make news headlines http://fox2now.com/2013/03/29/jail-nurse-helped-atm-solutions-robber-attempt-escape/ he is still a choice topic of conversation between she and I. I am still trying to figure out how she was in love with, lived with and was sleeping with this man and had no idea who he really was. At the time of the kidnapping in April 2010 they were living under the same roof and she had no idea he was a criminal mastermind. I use that term with full confidence, as this man has successfully escaped prison numerous times, orchestrated one of the most infamous robberies in St. Louis history and played like he was no smarter than a middle school student. http://www.kmov.com/news/local/St-Charles-County-jail-nurse-accused–200613771.html

catfish-the-tv-show-logoIt amazes me how we (both men and women) so willingly give ourselves, mind and body to a person we barely know. The truth is people hide behind fake personas everyday and unless you are willing to do the work there is no real way to know who you are truly dealing with people can tell you whatever they want. It’s easy for men these days to hide babies and baby mamas or criminal pasts because women only scratch the surface and rarely do the research before getting themselves in too deep. Women are the best at hiding their sexual pasts and other indiscretions they believe nobody knows. In the age of technology it isn’t hard to find out just about anything you want to know about someone. GOOGLE has become my best friend. googl Nearly everybody has something on GOOGLE about them. Then there are sites such as SPOKEO and 411.COM. There are too many ways to avoid getting Catfished these days.

Moral of this story: Know who you’re getting into bed with before you turn out the lights.

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