The Coalition -Movie Review

For those who know me, it is a known fact that am a pure movie head. I love movies of all genres, from black and white, to comedies to cult classics. Recently I have been on a quest to find movies that I have not seen, so with the help of NetFlix I have come across some very interesting movies. Last night I came across a movie called “The Coalition” starring Adrienne Bailon (yes the Cheetah Girl) and an entire list of maybe C-List actors aside from Jackee’ Harry who has a minor role. The movie is co-written by Baltimore Ravens’ linebacker Terrell Suggs and the directorial debut of Monica Mingo. It was the synopsis of the movie that sparked my interest, as I am never interested in seeing Adrienne Bailon act in anything, but I must say I was surprised.

“Dating a professional athlete opens up an A-list whirlwind of VIP nightclubs, charity galas, upscale spas, and lavish gifts – but it can also lead to a world of deception, cheating and heartache. A group of women form an unlikely alliance to get revenge on a superstar baller and his friends for playing them. For these playboys used to getting whatever they want whenever they want it – all that’s about to change. But in this game of who’s playing who, some discover that revenge has a price all its own.”

The movie gives a very detailed look inside the personal relationships of pro-athletes (supposedly the film is loosely based on real life events, considering it was written by a pro-baller I can believe it). Prime Alexander who is played by the ever so handsome former NFL player turned actor Eddie Goines Eddie-Goines-The-Coalition who calls himself the “100 Million Dollar Man” is living the high life and taking his boys along with him for the ride. Like any good hood story where there are fine pro-athletes with money there are women. Prime has a couple to choose from, you will watch as he makes the ever so coy Skylar Hathaway (played by Denyce Lawton) fall for him, while he has Autumn Singletary (Ingrid Clay) losing her mind and her cool trying to get him back. (I told the film’s cast was full of unheard of actors). The storyline quickly turns into the tale of women scorned seeking revenge. It came as no real surprise when Prime was exposed for the player he truly was, in hiding a fiance and children from the unknowing Skylar (who quickly finds out that she is merely a side chick) Does this sound familiar? The group of scorned women led by a disgruntled and bitter Autumn decide to ruin Prime and his group of friends by pulling a “First Wives Club” type scheme. Watching this movie I realized that while wildly exaggerated these are the kind of things that go through the minds of women who feel they have been wronged or betrayed by a man. Why these side chicks (and yes they were side chicks) felt they were entitled to anything beyond a fly by night sexcapade was beyond me, now granted he lied and got them to fall in love under false pretenses but once you find out the truth why not just walk away? Obviously they missed out on the Side Chick Chronicles and have some catching up to do. In case you missed it… . All in all its the story of players getting played, and we have seen this time and time again in movies such as “Boomerang” and “How to be a Player” , it’s no real secret that a dog who chases his tail will get dizzy. coalition

I would advise women not to get any ideas from these women, this is still a movie and pulling stunts like these in real life can get you hurt. I recommend this movie for a random movie night flick but that’s about all I can do.



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