The Waiting Game

They say patience is a virtue, which means this is something that is moral and righteous. In a way it makes you more Christ like. They also say that all good things comes to those who wait. Is this really something that we believe or have we been conditioned to do so? There are things that you wait for, such as; a bus, your turn in line at the grocery store or the second coming of Christ. These are events and things that are sure to happen. How much of our lives are spent waiting? (Don’t worry I’ll wait). It is a sure thing that eventually it will be your turn to checkout at Schnucks, you can bet your life that Christ is going to return for his people and you best believe that a Metro bus will be rolling down the street within the next fifteen minutes. Nobody said that you aren’t going to grow impatient while waiting for these things to occur. That is only human nature and is to be expected. Now there are certain events that I wouldn’t advise you spend time checking your watch on, these things included but are not limited to; a cure for AIDS being discovered, a man to leave his wife and or significant other for you, the side piece, I wouldn’t advise waiting for a woman to be dressed on time. Waiting for the previous things is merely a waste of time you could have spent doing something else. Waiting

27 years, 10 months, and 2 days is how long I’ve been on this Earth. That’s roughly about 10,1557 days give or take a few including and excluding leap years. Of those estimated 10,1557 days spent here in this Universe I have wasted half of those days waiting on people, places and things that served me little to no purpose. If you sat down and added up all the hours you spent doing pointless shit like waiting you would be amazed at how much time you could have spent doing something other than waiting. People spend half their lives waiting and waiting some more. We wait to grow up, we wait in line, we wait for love. Is that really how you want to spend your life? I for one am a very impatient person and waiting is not one of my strong points. I refuse to waste time that is not promised waiting for things that may or may not happen I just don’t have the energy to do so. I may wait to checkout at the grocery store because if I’m in the store then I probably need something they have, I may wait for the Metrolink, but only due in fact that I have somewhere to be if I am standing there in the first place. I am most definitely going to wait on the second coming of Christ because I know my waiting will be well worth it in the end. But unlike most I am not going to sit around all day waiting for a check from the government to take care of me and my family, I am not going to wait for a man to realize that he is loves me and I damn sure ain’t sitting around waiting for the world of idiot doctors with a piece of paper to find a cure for some man-made diseases. Our entire lives are spent anticipating the future. If we are constantly wondering what is going to happen tomorrow or two years for now you miss much of what is happening in the present.

We spend too much time waiting and it is almost always in vain. We wait for things we have no control over and that makes it in vain. We can not control what we can not change. Life is too short and tomorrow is never promised so why spend time waiting when it’s a waste? If someone doesn’t love you, don’t wait for them to do so. If you are constantly being looked over for a promotion despite your hard work, why keep waiting for nothing? pigs-fly-mike-mcglothlenWaiting when you control when and how things are done is counterproductive and honestly it’s kind of like waiting for pigs to fly.

Remember, time waits for no man.


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