“The Naked Truth”

Truth: conformity with fact or reality, verity; a verifiable or indisputable fact.

Fairytales, fantasies and fallacies, it seems these are three things most are comfortable with these days. I’ll be the first to admit that for a long time I lived in a fantasy world, one where everything was perfect and happily ever after was the inevitable. That was me being an idealist, a dreamer and a girl who believed in the storylines of Walt Disney movies. (What little girl didn’t want a Cinderella life?) As I got older I found that my way of thinking was damaging and that being a realist (as boring as it sounded) was more realistic for a woman who was a mother. To a certain extent, no matter how much we deny it we all live in some sort of fantasy world where only the things you want to exist do.

Fairytale: an interesting yet highly implausible story, often told as an excuse

Why people put on epic biopic about their lives I have no clue. Who are you trying to impress by misleading a group of people who are doing the same thing? Unfortunately we live in a society where social networks have taken the place of human contact. In the cyber world (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) you can be whomever you please. You can live a life so carefree and fancy all day everyday with no problem and people will believe you. (After all you can’t post anything on the internet that isn’t true right? RIGHT!) You can go on Instagram and post pictures so spectacular and alluring that those who don’t know you will hang on your every word and be so covetous of what you have they will unknowingly re-evaluate their own lives. Hence the cycle begins, a plethora of people pretending to be something they are not. On the contrary there always is and always will be someone who knows the real you, so you run the risk of being exposed for the fraud you really are. Once that happens then what will you do? When the fairytale becomes a nightmare how will you ever go on with your lies? The harsh reality of  it is, more likely than not you will never be exposed for your falsities because the people with the ammunition to shoot you down will never let off a round for they are just as artificial as you. What satisfaction does your life get when you get likes or comments on a knock-off designer bag or an expensive rental car that’s not even yours? Does it add value to your life to have others envy you for your worldly, materialistic possessions that have no place at your judgement? Heaven doesn’t offer a storage unit.

Women seel their soul to buy some attention

Women sell their soul to buy some attention

Fantasy: imagination, especially when extravagant and unrestrained

I thought children only had active imaginations, but apparently so do adults. It amazes me at the lives that people create for themselves in their own minds. There is nothing at wrong with envisioning what you want your life to consist of, but creating a world that only exists to you makes you certifiable. People have become so fascinated with lives and things that are unattainable they become detached from reality. The Basketball Wives and Real Housewives franchises have women going above and beyond to be something they are not. I’m all for “fake it till you make it” but how far are you willing to go in your faking? Selling your soul for a pair of Red Bottoms or a Celine bag is asinine. I am by far not better than anybody and at one point in my life I did some silly things to keep on the latest trends and have the latest bag from the Louis Vuitton collection. After living in LaLa land for song you begin to believe the fantasy. People are going as far as to creating imaginary haters, when in reality they hate themselves. There will always be a green-eyed monster lurking in the shadows, that’s life but to go as far as to create Drop Dead Fred haters is too much.

Fallacy: a deceptive, misleading or false notion; belief

When Columbus sailed the seas from 1492-1498 and landed in the “New World” he just knew he was in the East Indies calling the natives Indians and sending word back to Queen Isabella that he had “discovered” this new land. (History will eventually reveal that Native Americans had inhabited the land for many years before Columbus). Columbus’ discovery quickly spread and it was believed that he had in fact discovered a new world. Myths tell us that the Earth was at first believed to have been flat. (Educated men at the time of Columbus believed this and it is said that this was an obstacle he had to overcome before his travels for fear they would fall off the edge). I have said all of that to say people dating way back to before there was a newspaper, a telephone or a social network have believed any and everything they are told. Even with so much around us to combat miseducation we fall victim to bullshit and believe everything we are told, no matter who is telling us. Yet none of us take seriously that the end of days are among us as predicted in the book of Revelations. I could tell a group of educated people who know better that the sky is green and at least one person will go look because there is a possibility that I am telling the truth.

The illusion of life is very seductive, trust your intuition above any illusion.

~Blessings B~

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