Open Letters~ a series of letters to our younger selves

I recently posted an open letter to my younger self. Idecided to ask some of my friends if they would be willing to do the same and allow me to share them with my readers and glady they agreed. Here is the first of the series. Thank you to all who opened up and  shared. ~Brendolyn Marie


Dear You and Me,

            I contemplated long and hard over all of the things I should say to you.  The sisterly advice that I should give to you to enable you to become a better person.  I remember sitting in your position confused about a lot of things and thinking that I wished someone would step in and provide me with an easier path to take.  After drawing up blank after blank, I realized that I don’t have any to offer you.  As smart as I think I am now I know that it is only because I had to walk some long and hard steps to get here.  The weariness of my soul produced blisters and cuts that I thought would never heal.  Just know that everything that you are about to experience in life is going to make us into a phenomenal woman, a beautiful spirit and a more relaxed soul.  I can’t tell you how to defeat the enemy when your biggest foe lies within you.  Shadow boxing against yourself will become tiresome and when you realize that enough is enough, you will.  So there is no way in hell that I am going to tell you to take an alternative path just because I know what lies in the future.  All I have to say is good luck and may God continue to cover and shield you with the blood of Jesus.  I’ll see you in transition.
                                                You and Me

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