Open Letter to My Bestfriend

I hope my words meet your eyes and enter your heart with dearest sincerity. It has been months since you and I last spoke, it is rare that we would go a day without a call, text, or tweet. It didn’t take long before we realized just how much we were meant to be, it will be eight years since you and I first met. Our friendship has always been one that people could never understand, our inside jokes, our bond, our love for each other. Over the years we have both suffered great highs and extreme lows, but through them all we had each other to lean on. From Black Pearl, to Clayton, to fashion shows to club hopping we have done it all.(And with great style I must admit) If anyone has seen me at my worst it is you, if anyone can say they know me best it is you. I have yet to meet anyone that make me laugh the way you do. For years everybody wanted to know “Who is Silas?” “Why Harlem keep shouting him out in every article?” After October 2009 it was obvious WHO Silas was, the other half of me! (We were inseparable) The voice that sang so beautifully to my mother on her 50th birthday, the person that my son calls “Uncle Silas” and the one person I trust with all my secrets. Whenever you saw one you knew the other wasn’t too far behind.
Every great moment I’ve experienced in the past eight years I can’t remember a time when you weren’t there. It goes without saying that for every heartbreak I have endured you were there to put the pieces back together.
But here we are, not even speaking, my calls and texts go unanswered and my apologies unaccepted. “I’m sorry” always seems to be the hardest words, but for you to forgive I am willing to say them a thousand times more. I know that I let you down when you needed me and for that I am sorry. I have been a terrible friend over the past couple of months and I am sorry! I hurt you and for that I am so sorry.
But I miss you and I want my best friend back, so I am doing the one thing that I can  never fail at and writing you this letter. Our friendship is colorful and never full of judgement, if ever two people weren’t meant to be friends it is you and I. I am convinced that when GOD made you he had me in mind. What I’m trying to say is that I miss you, I’m sorry and I love you. If you decide that even this is not enough to forgive me then at least I know I tried.
Love always,

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