Lawless Misconduct

Unbeknownst to most I am the daughter of two police officers, my father who died in the line of duty when I was 15 was a decorated Sgt. for Pagedale and my mother was a St. Louis City police officer for over a decade before deciding to leave the law enforcement field when I was 12. Not to mention I also had a step-father who retired from the STL City narcotics division, as well as an uncle who was an officer for the LAPD. ( It also didn’t help that ALL of my mother’s closet friends were also police officers, I had no chance growing up)  Being raised in a family full of law enforcement is similar to being a “PK” (preacher’s kid) the best is expected of you at all times so that you don’t cause embarrassment to your family who “prides” themselves on following the law down to the t. It goes without saying that for the most part my family and those close to them did all they could to be upstanding citizens, for one you can’t enforce a law that you don’t follow. How do you expect people to take you seriously as an officer if your conduct is that of a criminal? (You can’t!) Over the years the level of distrust and disrespect of police officers has increased.

Just recently in the news there has been a story about some police officer being on the wrong side of the law just about every week. How is that I would get arrested for drunk driving but  a police officer (someone who knows all the laws cause they spent 6 months in the academy studying them and took an oath to uphold them) can? A normal person would face jail time, probation, license suspension and some other embarrassing shit. A police officer on the other hand gets a slap on the wrist and a write-up from his department. More and more there are stories in the news about police officers breaking the law, two East Saint Louis police officers are under the gavel for forcing a woman to engage in sexual acts after pulling her over and finding an open container in her car. Before taking the woman to local park they took her home where they found her young children home alone. Instead of taking her to jail and calling the proper authorities to come take the children they left the kids alone again to go force her to do dirty little favors? (All the free p***y in this world and these men, these POLICE OFFICERS have to forcibly get it?)  Here is the full link to the story:

That badge for so many who carry them equates to power in their mind, when in reality it don’t mean shit if you using it for the wrong purpose. How you going to enforce something on me and you dirtier than the ground you walking on? Many times I have come across young hot head cops who believe that their gun and badge make them invincible. Walk around off duty flexing with their gun on their side like that means something when so many people have guns now days. It is sad to think that as civilian citizens we have to be more fearful of police than we are of criminals. If you can’t trust the people who get paid to protect you then who can you trust? In all honesty you can’t tell me shit about the law, cause I have witnessed for myself growing up dirty cops and how they move just as much as I have seen what a good cop looks like. Not all police are bad but they all are getting a bad wrap because of the inner workings of police departments. People always ask why I never became a cop, first of all I don’t like to run, second and most importantly I don’t want the stigma of all cops being bad and ultimately becoming a target on me. I also believe that police who don’t work according to the law or those who are complete assholes were picked on in school and have insecurities and need to feel more important than they really are.

Moral of this story: The purpose of becoming a law enforcement officer is to enforce the laws not break them because you think you can. In the words of NWA “FUCK THE POLICE!”

These are just the random thoughts of a cop’s only daughter..who am I?

One thought on “Lawless Misconduct

  1. Robbie says:

    I completely agree!! I know someone who was rapped by a cop and he didn’t even get a slap on the wrist because he said it was consensual. She was 18 and he was like 45 (consensual my butt)! I believe a lot of them abuse their authority to the point where so many people have encountered one that has, and has that nasty taste in their mouth that all cops must be the same. I’ve formed my own option of them, and it’s not pretty! I understand that all can not be categorized to fit this “stereotype”… But there has been enough for me to say that possibly majority of them can! You’re right! I don’t trust them and I’d be afraid to call on them if and when I do need help! I’d rather call Ray Ray from the my hood, He’d have my back! Lol…

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