Welcome to My City

Welcome to my city, a one stop shop for murder and sexually transmitted diseases. The home of hustlers, hoes, producers, rappers and “aspiring” models. Welcome to the city where the police are more crooked than the criminals, the city were everybody knows everybody, the only place where those same everybodies have a deep-rooted hate for one another. Oh, but please don’t get me wrong there is some good in my city, when things go wrong, like murder of the right person (I’m sure you’re saying how do you murder the right person? Keep reading and I will enlighten you.) Random black men and women are murdered all the time in the inner city here and nobody cares outside of their immediate family or friends, But the second and I do mean the second someone like the sister of a local singer is shot in a drive-by or a former police chief is shot in a random robbery gone wrong ALL of the city wants to ban together and march down the street screaming “Stop the Violence!” Never mind Charles Hogans or Juan Cannon who lost their lives to gun violence or the family they left behind. In this city you have to really be somebody if you want your murder to make a difference. (That my friends is an example of the a murder gone wrong forcing the city to ban together.) Welcome to my city where we rely on local record producers and community activist like James Clark to be our voice, cause apparently we can’t speak for ourselves, so we need them to spearhead Put Down the Pistol campaigns and write letters to the President on our behalf. (Nevermind the war in Iraq or the failing economic state of this country President Obama needs to be concerned with the murder rate in this here city I call home!)

Welcome to my city where everybody is sleeping with everybody and I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense. The home of the Page Inn Motel where you can take a $2.00 hoe for 20 minutes of fun and end up with bedsores and crabs! Welcome to my city where females say things like “RIP to my baby daddy, I miss you Babe.” then turn around and give a nigga Chlamydia who in turn gives it to his girlfriend who is wondering, “Damn, I wonder who gave this to who? How I’ma tell the other nigga he burning too?” Welcome to my city where we are leading the nation in the transferring of  chlamydia and gonorrhea to one another. The city where women are just as reckless as men when it comes to safe sex, and protecting each other from unnatural diseases like HIV/AIDS or Herpes. Looks can be deceiving in this city, the prettiest girls have the nastiest diseases, the most clean-cut men have the dirtiest penis’. In this city where every chic is a model and every dude is either a rapper or d-boy you have to run a person’s name past the Department of Health before the thought of sex even crosses your mind. Welcome to my city where people have no regard for the lives of others.

You probably asking yourself where is she from? Well I’ll tell you! I’m from the birthplace of Redd Foxx and Ravioli. I from the city where you can get “the square beyond compare”, or a half order of shrimp fried rice, a ham St. Paul and a Vess soda from the “Chinaman” which really isn’t even a man at all. I’m from the city where a long time ago you could catch the Ike and Tina Tuner Review, or where you could go downtown to the center and shop at Famous Barr with your grandmother. The “Gateway to the West”, the place where Country Grammar began. I’m from the only city that’s home to Old Vienna and the World Series Championship Cardinals. I am a resident of the number three most dangerous city in ALL of AMERICA with a population of 320,454 people that’s leading the country at fourth in the murder rate with 113 murders in 2011!! GOT DAMNIT I’M FROM THE LOU AND I’M PROUD!


~I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and growing up I never wanted to go anywhere else until I was given the opportunity to see the country while serving in the United States Army. I realized there was much more of a world outside of my own. But it wasn’t until I had my first-born that it truly hit me that this city was not the place for me to raise my children. St. Louis is full of a lot of talented people who can go so many places if they only expanded their horizons. But because of the small-minded mentality they limit themselves within the area of the bridges that border our city from others. As beautiful as this city is, it is ugly. There are so many hateful, angry, bitter jealous people here that nobody will ever prosper. It’s the crabs in a barrel mentality.~ I wrote this post not to diss my city but to open eyes. So many people die senselessly every year and both the killers and the victims are getting younger and younger. I wrote this post for all the young ladies who will give themselves willingly to a man who will give her something that will alter her world.

More importantly I wrote this post for Charles Hogans, Juan Cannon, Tyrone Thompson, and the many others who died over the years at the hand of violence.

Peace and many blessings BMarie

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