Book Review: “Wealthy and Wicked” by Chris Renee

*disclaimer: My friendship with Author Chris Renee in no way has influenced nor swayed my critique of the novel “Wealthy and Wicked”. It was read without bias and much critical thinking.*


“Tracey Robbins has it all: beauty, handsome fiance, money, successful business, and a closet a girl would kill for.  St. Louis is her playground as everybody who wants to be somebody tries desperately to be in her circle.  However, living the young, black and privilege life comes with perks that could turn the purest hearts wicked, just for a chance to be like her.  The unannounced arrival of Tez, a sexy seemingly no good thug, sends her life in a downward spiral that no one saw coming.  Soon after, she finds herself the center of a devious plan to ruin her life.  Betrayal runs deep as the people the closest to her begin to show their true colors.  With her back against the wall, she finds love in an unlikely pair of arms.  Will that love be enough to save her, or will she remain lost in the pursuit of wealth?”


It took me a while following the actual release of the book “Wealthy and Wicked” to purchase a copy, but it took me even longer to actually find the time to read it. I would start then stop, then start again until one Sunday I decided to sit down and finish this book. The first few chapters grabbed my attention, Chris Renee has a way with words that wraps in the book and brings you into the lives of each character. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had a love hate relationship with the main character Tracey Robbins. Everything about this book captivated me, I was involved with the story line from start to finish. (The fact that the entire story was set in my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri gave me that twinkle of extra excitement. Especially when reading and I knew a place or person.)  I felt every available emotion while reading this book, from anger to amusement, from rage to remorse. While the overall tone of this book is nothing short of wicked, you can’t help but laugh at Tracey when she says things like “Hella people? Is that new rap group? I don’t know them.” But you can’t help but get upset at the twists and turns this book has to offer from other characters such as Christian who readers will find is not who she appears to be or Shanice, an unlikely alliance. When I finally reached the last page I didn’t want it to be over, but I closed the book with the thought that every woman needs a man like the one Tracey falls for.

All in all this book was a great read and I highly recommend that if you haven’t done so already you purchase a copy from or as well as IamChrisRenee.Com.




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