“Put Yo Hood Up”

As I sit in my office, at my desk I can’t help but to feel some kind of way on this somber, rainy Friday March morning. Today is not like other days, while I am still dressed in my business casual attire, I am proudly sporting a black and grey pull over hoodie. I even made my 7 year-old son wear his hoodie this morning and he questioned me as to why. My heart was heavy as I explained the reasoning behind his hoodie this morning. Working in a corporate setting wasn’t going to stop me from supporting the cause.









On February 26, 2012 Trayvon Martin a 17 year-old young black man was gunned down by 28 year-old George Zimmerman, a  self-appointed neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida. According to Zimmerman’s call to local police, Trayvon looked suspicious, even after being advised by dispatch not to pursue the “suspicious” man Zimmerman took upon himself to take justice into his own hands. Trayvon’s girlfriend who was on the phone with him at the time told authorities that she advised Trayvon that he may need to run from the man who was following him. The 911 call made by a witness clearly has audio of Trayvon screaming for help, gunshots then silence. As of today, March 23, 2012 nearly a month after the murder of young Trayvon, George Zimmerman is still a free man. Had the roles been reversed and a black man shot a “peculiar” looking white boy without probable cause would it take people rallying and signing a petition to get the justice that the Martin family so deserves? A murder is a murder and without just cause is a crime, there is nothing you can do or say to convince me otherwise.

Hoodie March in STL outside of City Hall

It will be 57 years in August that 14 year-old Emmett Till was tortured and murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Till’s murderers were acquitted due to the difficulty identifying his body, so it is fair to say justice was far from served. Was it because he was black and his killers white? Look at the Jena 6, black boys accused of wrong doing and punished and called racist by a white society. I find that in the wake of the Trayvon Martin story, we are all looking to our children and saying, “My son could’ve been Trayvon.” President Obama spoke on this tragedy and he too has said “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon.” Rallies nationwide have been held in honor of getting justice for Trayvon, on Friday March 23, 2012 people of all colors wore their hoodies and gathered in public meeting places. “A Million Hoodies” Justice has yet to prevail in this case of racism, but if we continue to come together and make enough noise our voices will be heard!

So as I sit here, dressed in my corportate attire in my black and grey pull over hoodie, I AM TRAYVON MARTIN!

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