Are You Business Savvy?

Twitter is without a doubt one of the best networking tools in today’s society. If you want to market yourself, career or business to the masses all you have to do is tweet. By simply following the right people, having the right people follow you, you have the opportunity to brand yourself and gain notice. As I have entered the beginning phases of developing my nail polish line I have change the focus of not only my tweets but the people I choose to follow and request to follow me.
Recently I made an awesome connection with Shanesia Winston, self-made business woman who offers advice and help to other young business women. I had the opportunity to sit down with Shanesia after she offered me some extremely valuable advice in being successful. I wanted become better acquainted with this business savvy lady, and that I did.
Brendolyn Marie: In five words or less tell me who is Shanesia Winston?
Shanesia Winston: Spiritual. Brainy. Fearless. Fabulous. Unstoppable. 
BM: How did you get your start as an entrepreneur?
SW: I was born and raised in a family of brilliant business owners. Since the only pathway to corporate experience that I know of is running a company, being self-employed was the only arena that I could naturally relate to. I was driven by a vision to draw in millions for my own company not for anybody else.
BM: As an African-American woman do you find it difficult to gain respect in your industry?
SW: Absolutely not. When you give respect people return the favor. It’s not a race thing. When you are magnificent at what you do people can’t help but to step back and let you work your magic. 
BM:  What motivates you to keep going even when the odds are stacked against you?
SW: My vision. My purpose. My calling. Like anyone else, I’m not exempt from any threats and challenges, no matter how successful I become. When my back is slammed against the wall, I do not fret. I call on Jesus and let Him take charge over my troubles. He never fails me. I’m on a mission to mentor thousands of women across the world. I can’t let any impediments keep me from performing my passion.
BM:  How do you define success?
SW: If I can quantify success in order to define it, the measure of success won’t be based on how much wealth is gained or how far fame can take us. In relation to what I do in life, success is defined by the number of people I have helped move up to achieve lasting success and crowning accomplishments.
BM:  What advice do you have for other young women who want to start their own business?
SW: Do not wait to make your dream business a reality. If you want it, go and take it. Bind hard work tightly with dedication and perseverance. If you see the vision clearly, then pursue it.
BM:  What services does your company offer?
SW: We are an emerging player in the online information marketing industry.
Our lines of expertise include smart business leveraging for businesswomen and small business groups through top-caliber business coaching, enhancing web presence through effective online social media and traditional offline core-value focused strategies. The heart and soul that I have poured in to my elite private coaching club, The Entrepreneurs of Excellence: Empowering Your Destiny, raises the standard in today’s Women’s Business Coaching. We are currently promoting my newest 90-day enhancement program, “Propel Your Business Expansion and Claim Your Territory”, it is an affordable fast tracked hand in hand specialized approach to a more profitable business.  
BM:  What is your ultimate goal? How do you plan on seeing it through?
SW: I’m on a mission to TEACH, COACH, and CULTIVATE thousands of dedicated women entrepreneurs throughout the world this year.  Each one molded to live an extraordinary life, have an unstoppable business and enjoy lasting greatness. All of my secrets and strategies to success will be transferred with ease through my tested and proven teaching system which I have personally developed through the years.  
If you are a young woman who is business savvy and in need of guidance or just want a little more insight and advice, I encourage you to visit Shanesia and her powerhouse team at her online boutique
You can also Follow Shanesia on Twitter at for daily tips on becoming a successful business owner.

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